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Latest Headlines

IOM confirms safety of childhood vaccine schedule

Despite scientific evidence and confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that childhood vaccines help rather than hurt, some parents still harbor doubts about immunizing their kids. A recent study from the Institute of Medicine further underscores the safety of the federal childhood immunization schedule.

Sanofi readies defense as judge rules antitrust lawsuit can proceed

Sanofi Pasteur may find itself in the thick of an antitrust case after a judge ruled that a lawsuit alleging that the company illegally monopolizes the market for meningococcal vaccines in the U.S. can move forward.

Evolving bacteria evade vaccines

Around 826,000 children die each year worldwide from infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, and vaccination programs are cutting these numbers each year, as well as reducing the number of...

Hep A vax study underscores need for long-term campaigns

A new survey out from the CDC demonstrates just how potent a recommendation for vaccinations can be, and how quickly parents can overlook a jab when they aren't being urged repeatedly to provide...

Common chemicals threaten childhood vaccines

Be careful about those microwave popcorn bags. They may threaten the viability of children's vaccinations. More precisely, the Harvard School of Public Health's Philippe Grandjean thinks...