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Study: Old HIV pediatric vaccines might provide protection after all

Looking back on data from old pediatric HIV vaccine trials, researchers have found that two vaccines studied in the 1990s elicited a specific antibody response that was unknown at the time to be associated with HIV protection.

Buzz: Merck and Novartis trying to iron out details of business unit swap

Swap deals are notoriously difficult to pull off, with the inability to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of assets scuppering most attempts. Merck and Novartis are reportedly still trying to make a swap deal work though, with the latter's vaccine unit trading hands.

Novartis to sell first piece of vaccine unit in $1.7B deal

Expectations that Novartis will sell off its vaccine and diagnostic unit have ratcheted up in recent months, with management becoming receptive to the idea after seeing the business post operating losses in each of the past three years. Now, the long-anticipated breakup of the business has begun.

Novartis hives off blood diagnostics for $1.7B in first slim-down sale

The Novartis sales have officially begun. The Swiss drugmaker has now agreed to sell its blood diagnostics business to Grifols, the Spanish healthcare company, for $1.7 billion. As analysts digest the news, they're already asking which unit will be next to go.

ACIP recommendation gives Novartis a new growth opportunity

The ACIP decision comes two months after the FDA expanded its label for the meningococcal vaccine. Menveo is now cleared for use in babies aged two months and older, and ACIP has recommended use in infants up to the age of 23 months, but only in certain instances.

How Novartis Vaccines turned fear into function

To hear Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics' head of technical ops tell it, fear was the enemy when Novartis swept into its newly acquired vaccine company, Chiron. And conquering that fear was what

Bayer plans to beef up biotech pipeline

Bayer Healthcare says it will aggressively expand its biotech pipeline in the year ahead, concentrating on new development pacts in cardiology, hematology and oncology. The company is looking to strike new deals similar to the ones it has reached with Nuvelo and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Hans Bishop, the former senior v.p. for Chiron's UK operations, will likely head up many of these new ventures. Bishop is expected to be tapped as the next president of the company's hematology and cardiology …

Chutes & Ladders: Wheeler tapped to run Momenta

Momenta Pharmaceuticals has tapped Craig Wheeler, the former president of Chiron BioPharmaceuticals, to be its next CEO. Alan Crane, who's stepping down from the post, will stay on the board.- here's the report on Wheeler from the Boston Globe ALSO: Fresh from raising $60 million in new venture funds, Prestwick Pharmaceuticals has named George F. Horner III president …

FDA OK's flu vaccines, projects 100M doses

The FDA has signed off on the flu vaccines to be made for the upcoming season by GlaxoSmithKline, Chiron, MedImmune and Sanofi-Pasteur. Those four manufacturers are intended to supply 100 million doses of vaccine to the U.S. market, which is expected to be enough to satisfy demand. Federal officials have been working hard to try to even out the kinks in the supply of flu vaccines to the country, working to prevent the kind of supply snafus that have snarled treatment programs over recent …

Novartis posts lower-than-expected profit

Novartis posted a 4 percent rise in profit to $1.71 billion for the second quarter, falling short of analysts' expectations. The company blames the cost of integrating vaccine maker Chiron for the lower-than-expected numbers. But due to strong pharmaceutical sales growth, the drug maker predicts double-digit full year growth. "Investors will likely be disappointed about earnings, but the fact that the core business performs well and even managed to improve in some areas should compensate …
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