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Merck JV plans to show up J&J;, Sanofi with low-cost cholera vaccine

While the world already has a pair of cholera vaccines that have been proven safe and effective, it lacks a low-cost option that can stay effective without cold storage in impoverished areas where the disease hits hardest. And with a new partnership, that's exactly what Merck's Indian joint venture is looking to change.

Study: Cholera vaccine has 86% effectiveness rate

Two doses of the oral cholera vaccine Shanchol provided an 86% percent protection rate during a recent outbreak in Guinea, according to a new study.

PaxVax raises $22M for PhIII trial of cholera vaccine

PaxVax has raised $22 million in venture capital funding to advance development of its oral cholera vaccine, PXVX0200. The investment gives PaxVax the cash to run a 3,000-patient Phase III trial of the product.

PaxVax snags $22M to get fast-tracked cholera pill through Phase III

California's PaxVax has picked up $22 million in venture cash to get an oral cholera vaccine into the FDA's hands, working its way through late-stage trials for the single-dose treatment.

Gates Foundation promotes use of oral cholera vaccine

Long a financial supporter of the life sciences industry in the name of public health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is at it again, this time giving $5 million to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to promote use of oral cholera vaccine worldwide.

Herd immunity halts cholera in unvaccinated population in Zanzibar, study shows

On the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, some individuals may not even need a vaccine to protect them against cholera. Research shows herd immunity has helped guard against the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

First U.S. cholera vax ready for PhIII

PaxVax's single-dose oral cholera vaccine has been cleared by the U.S. FDA to go into Phase III trials. The vaccine, known as PXVX-0200, is a live, attenuated vaccine and is already available in 6 countries.

Report: Cholera vax helpful after outbreak

Researchers at International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in Seoul, Korea have found that the oral cholera vaccine can help diminish the impact of outbreaks even after they've started. In the past,

Experts urge U.S. to start stockpiling cholera vaccine

As some project that Haiti will be hit with another 200,000 cholera infections in the next three months, experts from Harvard Medical School, George Washington University and the International