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Latest Headlines

China's Biomab Holding, India's Cipla go separate ways on biosimilars

Biomab Brilliant has paid $25.8 million to India's Cipla for 100% of Biomab Holding in a transaction that sees both firms carve out a new direction in the aim to produce biosimilar drugs, a path many drug firms in both countries are busy at work on.

Lawsuit challenges Cipla's buyout of InvaGen

A hitch has developed in Cipla's deal to buy New York-based InvaGen and a related company, as New Jersey-based PuraCap Pharmaceutical has filed suit claiming InvaGen breached unspecified obligations to it but "improperly negotiating" with Cipla.

Cipla runs into FDA concerns for plant in India, as well as one it will buy in U.S.

While many of India's other large drugmakers have run afoul of the FDA for plant problems, Cipla has mostly avoided such entanglements. But suddenly the company is facing some FDA issues at two plants, one in India, and one in the U.S. that it intends to buy to gain a foothold in U.S. manufacturing. 

FDA cites Cipla India plant after U.S. recall of asthma drug

In May, India's Cipla voluntarily pulled a lot of its levalbuterol from the U.S. market after the asthma inhalation drug failed a test for a degradant. Shortly after, FDA inspectors visited the plant in Indore where Cipla made the product and came away with issues tied to that recall.

Cipla's new U.S. plant received Form 483 just ahead of deal

Last month India's Cipla announced it had struck a $550 million deal to buy its first U.S. property, InvaGen Pharmaceuticals, getting a 350,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and portfolio of drugs. What it left out of the announcement is that its first U.S. manufacturing operation came with some FDA concerns. The facility received a Form 483 this spring for that plant, which the FDA did not post until two weeks after the deal was disclosed.

Indian drugmakers take page from HIV playbook for hep C combo pill

Indian drug manufacturers are working to combine drugs used to treat hepatitis C in ways not possible in the West because of patent restrictions, according to a Bloomberg News report.

Cipla inks deal with Serum for South Africa vaccines

Indian drug giant Cipla and vaccinemaker Serum have partnered for a third time to provide vaccines, this time for Serum's operations in South Africa. Cipla and Serum previously worked together on vaccines in Europe and then to provide flu vaccines in India, according to a report in  The Hindu  newspaper.

Cipla moves forward with deal for plant in Algeria

India's Cipla has said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange that it has completed a move forward with a joint venture in Algeria that will lead to the production of respiratory drugs there.

Cipla, Serum partner to provide vaccines in S. Africa

Building on an existing relationship, Indian generics giant Cipla and vaccines outfit Serum Institute of India on Thursday announced a collaboration to bring Serum's vaccines to South Africa.

Cipla gets first U.S. manufacturing plant with InvaGen buy

India's Cipla has does business all over the world but has confined its manufacturing to its home country. But with the acquisition of a generics maker in the U.S., it has now landed its first manufacturing site in the U.S. as part of its plans to build market share here.