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Latest Headlines

MUC1 cancer vaccine starts in the clinic

Oncothyreon ( $ONTY ), which takes its name from the Greek words for 'tumor' and 'shield', has enrolled the first patient into its inaugural ONT-10 clinical trial.

In the clinic, Inovio's HIV vaccine treats as well as prevents

Inovio's HIV vaccine has triggered significant immune responses against a number of HIV antigens in a therapeutic clinical trial presented at the Vaccine World Summit 2012 in Hyderabad, India.

Gradalis' personalized cancer vaccine has FANGs

One of the difficulties with vaccines, particularly cancer vaccines, is knowing just which target to hit, as cancer cells, even those of the same type or from within the same tumor, can have differences in the proteins on their surfaces.

Argentina fines GSK $93K for Synflorix vaccine trial

Argentina's government has fined GlaxoSmithKline ( $GSK ) $93,000 for its management of trials of the vaccine Synflorix in which 14 babies died. This case brings to light questions as to how big...

Generex unit expands AE37 study

Antigen Express, the vaccine subsidiary of Generex Biotechnology, has amended an agreement with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine related to the ongoing Phase

Group uses comic books to explain TB vax trial

The South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) is taking a novel approach to explaining tuberculosis vaccine clinical trials to boost participation in countries not familiar with drug

New therapeutic vax targets multiple cancers

Investigators are reporting promising results from their early-stage trial of a new therapeutic cancer vaccine. Scientists say the new vaccine uses an alphavirus to deliver a gene for the

HIV vax trial recruiters get edgy with social media strategies

One of the hottest trends in clinical trial development these days is the use of social media to recruit suitable subjects, and that hasn't gone unnoticed in HIV vaccine research circles. The HIV

Flu vax researchers overwhelmed by trial volunteers

Fears about swine flu have spurred more than 3,000 people so far to volunteer to take part in upcoming clinical trials of a new vaccine. That's already more than the number scientists will need at

CSL begins first human trials of H1N1 vaccine

The first human trial of an H1N1 vaccine began Wednesday. Melbourne, Australia-based developer CSL has launched a human trial of its experimental H1N1 vaccine in partnership with the clinical
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