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Latest Headlines

Valneva's C. diff vaccine found to be 'highly immunogenic' in PhII

Valneva reported positive Phase II results this week for its GlaxoSmithKline-partnered C. difficile vaccine candidate, saying the shot proved to be "highly immunogenic" while also offering a good safety and tolerability profile.

Allegheny General Hospital joins Sanofi's Cdiffense PhIII trial

The race to a Clostridium difficile vaccine has been dominated by Big Pharmas Sanofi and Pfizer, whose candidates were fast-tracked by the FDA in 2010 and 2014, respectively. Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh announced on Wednesday that it will participate in Phase III trials for Sanofi's investigational vaccine.

Pfizer's C. diff vaccine gains on Sanofi with FDA fast-track nod

Look out, Sanofi. Pfizer's Clostridium difficile candidate has just nabbed an FDA fast-track designation that should help it pick up some ground in the race to bring the first vaccine for the disease to market.

Sanofi C. diff vaccine shows immune response in PhII trial

BOSTON-- Sanofi's Phase II trial results for its Clostridium difficile vaccine are proof that the French drug giant is leading the race for preventive therapies for the deadly bacterial infection.

European scientists join Sanofi, Pfizer in C. diff vaccine race

With Sanofi having already begun enrollment for its 15,000-person Phase III trial, the French company has a clear lead in the race to develop a Clostridium difficile vaccine, but a growing pack is in pursuit. The latest to give chase is a group of European scientists with a new angle--they are developing an oral vaccine.

Sanofi advances C. diff vaccine into PhIII

Sanofi Pasteur is entering an important period for its vaccine business. The success of its big bet on a dengue fever vaccine hangs on upcoming late phase data. And its clostridium difficile jab has just entered Phase III, too.

Oral vaccine relies on 'good bacteria'

Oral vaccines prove an alluring alternative to painful shots, and scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London, are pioneering a new method of oral vaccination using probiotic spores--"good bacteria." The method could help boost immunity to tuberculosis and influenza, as well as prevent C. difficile.

Cubist green lights Ph3 program against lethal diarrhea

Cubist Pharmaceuticals isn't giving up on its drug against diarrhea caused by C. difficile. After saying in June it wasn't sure whether to continue development of the drug, the Lexington, MA-based

Carbohydrate key to C. diff vaccine

German researchers have synthesized a carbohydrate on the surface of an extremely virulent strain of Clostridium difficile, a potentially deadly hospital-acquired infection, that could lead to a

Stage set for Optimer's weapon against deadly infections

As we put this edition of FierceBiotech to bed, there was still no word from the FDA on potential approval of Optimer Pharmaceuticals' antibiotic fidaxomicin (Dificid). The PDUFA date of May 30 falls