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Latest Headlines

Mymetics-led consortium scores €8.4M to develop thermostable vaccines

The need for cold-chain transportation has been a prominent barrier in making vaccines available to developing countries. A consortium led by Mymetics' Dutch subsidiary has just received €8.4 million to change that.

Supplier of unprotected foreign-made cancer drugs gets 15-month prison sentence

Federal authorities have torn down another pillar in a wide-ranging business that sourced foreign-made cancer and other drugs and sold them to U.S. doctors at a discount. Some of the meds were cold-chain drugs that were sometimes left unrefrigerated in Pakistan.

Tetanus shot stored at higher temperatures as effective as cold chain-stored jab

Refrigeration for vaccines is still a major barrier to improving vaccination rates in many parts of the developing world. But a new study by Médecins Sans Frontières shows that some vaccines can be used safely outside the cold chain, underscoring the need for more research on heat-stable vaccines.

Cold-chain costs were halved in African vaccine campaign

In much of the undeveloped world, cold-chain delivery of drugs means ice packs, freezers and kerosene-powered generators. Now the World Health Organization has shown that when vaccines are freed from the cold chain, the financial savings and health benefits are enormous.

WHO reports success in distributing vaccines at ambient temperatures

Meningitis A vaccine MenAfriVac has already made its mark on world health, with its nontraditional development model and subsequent success in reducing disease making headlines. Now the World Health Organization is trying to maximize its use by freeing the vaccine from the need to be constantly refrigerated during transport and storage.

Physician failings raise doubts about the potency of U.K. vaccines

The suspicion that some ineffective vaccines are administered in the U.K. stems from inspection reports written by the independent health services regulator. Having inspected 1,000 healthcare practices since April, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) highlighted vaccines as a problem area for some sites. 

European Union prepares to back vaccine stability project

The European Union began looking for a solution to vaccine instability earlier this year, and is now nearing the end of its search. A decision is expected next month, after which the EU will commit $3 million to support development of the vaccine temperature stability project.

Gates-backed device extends cold chain to rural areas

Intellectual Ventures is testing a device that can keep vaccines cool without power for 60 days, depending on outside temperature and humidity.

Counterfeiting conviction highlights danger of cold chain lapse

Federal authorities have taken down another player in the escalating counterfeit drug trade, this one for shipping foreign-made cold chain cancer drugs that arrived at a doctor's office as a "gooey mess."

Silk could eliminate 'cold chain' need

Self-standing silk protein biomaterial matrices could prove a way for temperature-sensitive vaccines to shirk the so-called "cold chain," a series of refrigerating tactics used to move a vaccine safely from production to patient.