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Latest Headlines

Sediment forces WHO to halt vax program

A white sediment reported last week on the inside walls of Shan5 vaccine vials has prompted the World Health Organization to suspended purchase and distribution of the India-made product. No safety

It's air vs. sea in cold chain battle

Watch as air carriers attempt to outdo one another in service offerings--to pharma's benefit. Temperature-controlled and pharma shipping in general are expected to lead the air cargo business

Sentry delivers for CDC vax reserve

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has chosen Sentry BioPharma Services to store and distribute influenza vaccine for the national strategic reserve. The cold-chain logistics

Reefer services sets sights on pharma

Contargo is expanding its network of reefer vessel service stations. And Ge-eX Logistics says it is entering the "very demanding but growing temperature-controlled sector" of the reefer container

Vaccine process shuns the cold

The Hypodermic Rehydration Injection System (HydRIS) yields vaccines that can be stored in tropical heat, say collaborators Nova Labs and Oxford University. The process involves mixing live vaccine

Sea option becoming viable for drug shipments

Trouble is brewing above. Though beleaguered airlines currently have plenty of room for drug cargo--and even appear to be catering to the drug business, as we've reported--they are cutting capacity.

Dehydration process could eliminate the vax cold chain

One of the Holy Grails of the vaccine industry is cheap, effective technology that will do away with the need for a complex and pricey cold chain to guard supplies. And now scientists at Oxford

Cold chain calls to suffering airlines

Airlines are showing a kinder face to drugmakers than they have been to consumers recently. Cold chain initiatives are underway at major air carriers, thanks to the growing global market for

Potency drops investigated in H1N1 vaccines

As reported earlier, the low potency of some H1N1 vaccines has led to product recalls and in one case the re-inoculation of individuals who received a weakened shot. Sanofi-Aventis and AstraZeneca's

Cold chain to rattle air transport

When it comes to drugs, transport costs are a drop in the bucket compared with product value. And the disparity can lead some drugmakers to inattentiveness when it comes to shipping costs. So says