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Latest Headlines

Crucell and Scripps find antibody for universal flu vax

Researchers at Crucell and the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a new antibody that could lead to a universal flu vaccine. According to animal test results, the antibody, CR6261,

Unicef price postings aim for lower-cost vaccines

India is the low-cost supplier of vaccines in most Unicef categories, according to supplier pricing data listed by the UN's children's advocate organization for the first time. In one case, nearly a

GAVI board hit with conflict of interest woes

The board of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations is preparing for its July shakeup. And as GlaxoSmithKline steps down and vaccine maker Crucell takes its place, some organizations have

Crucell wins back WHO with plant power fixes

One of the dark clouds hanging over Johnson & Johnson is lifting. The World Health Organization has green-lighted Dutch vaccine-maker--and J&J; quarry--Crucell to resume supplying the

WHO clears Crucell to put vax back on market

Crucell can exit the penalty box. After a review of manufacturing problems involving its vaccine Quinvaxem, the Dutch company now has the World Health Organization's blessing to resume selling the

J&J;/Crucell deal might snag on bid issues

While J&J; may consider lowering its bid for Crucell because of manufacturing issues, some Crucell shareholders are determined to hold out for more. Van Herk, the second largest Crucell

J&J; offers $2.3B in bid for Crucell shares

Despite a recent snafu in Crucell's manufacturing division, Johnson & Johnson has formally stepped up to the table with an offer to buy out all the shares of the Dutch vaccine company for $2.3

Wary J&J; says it may be forced to renegotiate Crucell buyout

J&J; has made it crystal clear that it still wants to complete its planned buyout of the Dutch biotech Crucell. But despite its hunger to build a major vaccine initiative on the foundation of the

J&J; assumes QA inspector role at Crucell

In an ironic twist, J&J; ($JNJ) is again forced to probe quality matters, only this time at another company's plant. Its acquisition target Crucell has suspended operations at a South Korean

J&J; spotlights infectious diseases as pipeline priority

Johnson & Johnson is putting infectious diseases in the spotlight as it outlines ambitious plans to advance new therapies for the flu, HIV and hepatitis C. During its third-quarter review of the