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Latest Headlines

City of Hope, Fortress Biotech form new company to ward off CMV

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) presents no symptoms in most healthy people, but it can be life-threatening in people with weakened or underdeveloped immune systems. So City of Hope and Fortress Biotech have joined the race to produce vaccines to control CMV infections.

Pfizer's growth spurt continues with pickup of Switzerland's Redvax

2014 was a busy year for Pfizer's vaccines unit, and it looks like the pharma giant's ready to keep the ball rolling as the new year kicks off. Just over a month after closing its buyout of Baxter's vaccines unit, it's acquired Switzerland's Redvax for an undisclosed sum.

New vaccine could guard against common birth defect-causing virus

An experimental vaccine using a novel defense mechanism could eventually help treat sufferers of a common virus that affects more than half of the U.S. population and causes congenital birth defects in some cases.

Takeda, Boehringer invest to move CMV vaccine into clinic

Having ticked candidates to protect against respiratory syncytial virus, dengue and norovirus off its list of areas of interest as part of its plans to establish a global vaccine business, Takeda has invested in another stated target: cytomegalovirus.

Therapeutic vaccine upstart Hookipa snags $27M round to fund PhI move

A pair of prominent pharma players are partnering up with a few marquee European VCs to back an up-and-coming immunotherapy biotech based in Vienna.

Vical discards melanoma immunotherapy Allovectin after PhIII failure

San Diego-based Vical recruited 390 patients to test Allovectin (velimogene aliplasmid), a cancer immunotherapy that's been in the clinic for years. The biotech had been bullish about its Phase II data. The company didn't disclose any data this morning, saying that it would release results at a later scientific conference.

Researchers seek fresh approach to HIV vaccine

Last month's cancellation of the largest ongoing HIV vaccine trial stopped yet another promising candidate. The growing pool of clinical failures shows that a new approach is needed. This past week, academia offered up two new angles of attack.

Study: 40% of cancers stem from viruses

While the cancer-virus link is nothing new, researchers previously believed only 20% of cancers were virus-caused. Now a new study has found that up to 40% of cancers could originate in a viral

Cloning a human virus offers clear vaccine target

Human cytomegalovirus is a clearly defined threat. At its worst the virus triggers congenital malformations in newborns, as well as lethal threats to transplant recipients and AIDS patients--two

Experimental vaccine cuts CMV risk in half

An experimental vaccine cut the rate of cytomegalovirus infections in young women by half in a mid-stage trial, and the researchers involved say that it may well significantly reduce instances of a