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Latest Headlines

Argos to test investor appetite for cancer vaccines with a $60M IPO

While Dendreon fell well short of serving as a good example of how cancer vaccine businesses can succeed on the public markets, it did at least provide a horrible warning of what can go wrong. Argos Therapeutics is undeterred though and has revived its IPO plans.

In cancer immunotherapy joint venture, Fred Hutch and MSKCC face manufacturing challenges

For any company entering the immunotherapy field, manufacturing and logistics are huge challenges. At newly formed Juno Therapeutics, they have a plan to overcome these obstacles--find a CEO who has done it before and back him with $120 million.

Dendreon to lay off more staff as Provenge disappoints. Again

In the latest round of layoffs, Dendron plans to save $125 million in operating expenses by cutting its headcount by 15%. Around 150 full-time employees are set to lose their jobs over the next nine months as Dendreon cuts its R&D and marketing budgets in a bid to achieve profitability.

Dendreon hopes manufacturing can save the day

Dendreon is again turning to manufacturing, along with slashing more jobs, in its effort to claw its way to profitability. The drugmaker sold a plant last year to save money and raise some cash but will now invest in manufacturing in hopes that production improvements will reduce operation costs.

Dendreon cuts more jobs with Provenge lagging, buyers MIA

Troubled Dendreon is again cutting its payroll, planning to shed about 200 employees in an effort to water down its cash burn rate and finally turn a profit. But, with a disappointing prostate cancer drug and a dim outlook for the future, the Seattle drugmaker may need more than lighter books to reverse its fortunes or find an acquirer.

Dendreon reportedly seeking buyer for struggling business

In August, a Wall Street analyst placed a headline-grabbing $0 price target on the stock of struggling cancer vaccine manufacturer Dendreon. Now, Dendreon has reportedly hired JP Morgan Chase to find someone who sees more value in the company and is willing to back their belief by acquiring the business.

Dendreon picks CMO PharmaCell to make Provenge in Europe

Dutch CMO PharmaCell has inked a deal with the struggling Dendreon to manufacture its prostate cancer drug Provenge in Europe.

Analyst lays out worst-case scenario for Dendreon

Wedbush Securities' David Nierengarten's forecast on Dendreon shares? $0. As in bankrupt.

Weak Provenge sales send Dendreon shares tumbling

The miss means Dendreon now expects to fail to achieve its modest goal of growing sales year-on-year.

EU decision a rare positive for Dendreon

In the two years since cancer vaccine maker Dendreon sent its share price into a precipitous decline by pulling the forecast on its debut drug, Provenge, bad news has mounted up. Weak sales drove shares down 30% last year, and the slide has continued in 2013.