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Latest Headlines

Serum Institute of India throttles back on equity sale

The Serum Institute of India's plans to raise as much as $12 billion by offering equity in Asia's largest vaccinemaker are on hold, for now, as global market volatility stands in the way of valuation.

Serum Institute pushes for dengue cure fast track, Times of India says

India's Pune-based Serum Institute is seeking in-country fast-track approval for a biologic drug candidate to treat all four strains of dengue, the Times of India reported, with the news coming amid speculation over an equity offering by the company and a massive virus outbreak in India.

UC Berkeley scientists identify protein that causes dengue shock as a potential vaccine target

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have identified a viral protein that causes fluid loss and shock that indicate severe and potentially fatal dengue infections.

Sanofi's dengue vaccine anticipated on profitability 'high end'

With its largest ever investment in a vaccine at stake, Sanofi is in the midst of rolling out the dengue fever vaccine it's worked on for 20 years at a cost of $1.5 billion. But through the launch, Sanofi hopes to recoup all of that expense--plus more.

Sanofi 'flipping the model' for high-stakes dengue rollout

After the company's largest investment ever in the development of a vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine launch is ready for this year, and it'll be closely watched as the group introduces the jab in a manner reversed from traditional launches.

Takeda places vaccines unit in Singapore to push for global growth

Last September, Takeda announced it would be putting vaccines into their own specialty business unit to "accelerate the globalization" of the business. And now, it's positioning the unit geographically to do the same.

Study: Universal dengue vaccine may be possible thanks to antibody discovery

So far, Sanofi's dengue candidate, the furthest along in the clinic, has struggled to ward off all four dengue viruses. But now, researchers have discovered new antibodies that could lead to a vaccine that does just that.

Report: Sanofi has billion-dollar dengue opportunity in India

Analysts have said Sanofi's dengue vaccine, once approved, could rake in €1 billion, or $1.31 billion, a year. According to a report from Brandeis University, the number of dengue cases in the India is almost 300 times higher than government figures.

Sanofi, armed with more strong PhIII dengue data, sets sights on 2015 rollout

Expanded results from Sanofi's Latin American Phase III dengue vaccine trial are here, and the pharma giant says they confirm the high efficacy against severe dengue and the reduction in hospitalization the jab posted in its first Phase III study. And with these in tow, the company says it could have the vaccine to market by the second half of next year.

Takeda on track for dengue vaccine nods in 2017-18

Sanofi's dengue vaccine isn't slated to hit the market until late next year, pending approval, but it already has some competition on the horizon. Takeda has its eye on nods in the U.S. and Europe for its own candidate by the 2017-18 fiscal year, it says.