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Latest Headlines

Cue the screaming fans: Nick Jonas signs up with Dexcom diabetes effort

It's a good time to be Dexcom. In the past year, the company has chalked up multiple approvals for its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device. And it's picked a young star with Type 1 diabetes to sing all about it.

ADA: Nasal powder and artificial pancreas with glucagon both show potential

Two new studies presented at the annual American Diabetes Association have shown the benefits of the hormone glucagon--used to control the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream--in patients with Type 1 diabetes. One is a nasal powder to treat hypoglycemia in children and the other is an advance in the development of an effective artificial pancreas, finding the addition of glucagon could reduce nighttime hypoglycemia.

Study: Researchers find dual-hormone artificial pancreas best for treating nocturnal hypoglycemia

Canadian researchers have found that the dual-hormone artificial pancreas works best for treating patients with Type 1 diabetes by reducing the amount of time they are exposed to nocturnal hypoglycemia.

Massachusetts General Hospital pits BCG vaccine against Type I diabetes in Ph II

Another indication may be on the horizon for the generic BCG vaccine as Massachusetts General Hospital got an OK from the FDA for a Phase II trial of the vaccine's ability to help patients with Type I diabetes.

KKR-backed Panasonic Healthcare to buy Bayer diabetes device biz for almost $1.2B

The long-rumored sale of Bayer's diabetes device business to Panasonic Healthcare looks like it's finally coming to fruition after speculation stretching back at least to early this year. Bayer has said it will sell its Diabetes Care business to Panasonic Healthcare for €1.022 billion ($1.16 billion) in a deal expected to close during the first quarter of next year.

Intarcia readies for FDA in 2016 as it reports detailed Phase III data for once-yearly diabetes implant

Intarcia expects to report Phase III data during the second half of 2015 for the remaining two of its four pivotal trials in its program for once-yearly exenatide implant ITCA 650. If all goes well, it plans to head to the FDA next year. This week, the company offered detailed results at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) conference in Boston from June 5-8 for its two Phase III trials that had already reported data in October 2014.

Medtronic touts data in support of FDA approval of the latest MiniMed glucose monitor/pump

Medtronic presented additional data in support of FDA approval of its MiniMed640G glucose monitor and pump at the ongoing annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in Boston.

Medtronic aims for diabetic consumer tech in deals with Samsung, Glooko and connected MiniMed clearance

Medtronic disclosed a trio of initiatives to make diabetic monitoring and management easier. These reflect the company's broader, ongoing commitment to transitioning into a focus on diabetic consumer wellness and include partnerships with consumer electronics company Samsung, diabetes data startup Glooko and an FDA clearance for MiniMed Connect.

Dexcom, Insulet partner with diabetes data startup Glooko as it expands into insulin pumps, CGMs

Glooko's mission is to integrate data from existing diabetes devices into an app for patients and a population management platform for payers and healthcare providers. It's diving into continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps with a pair of deals--one for the Dexcom CGM and the other for the Insulet OmniPod pump.

Novo Nordisk spins cycling into diabetes awareness with pro racing team

More than two years ago, Novo Nordisk teamed with diabetes advocate and professional cyclist Phil Southerland to create Team Novo Nordisk, the first pro cycling team made entirely of athletes with diabetes. The 18-member team pedals into Philadelphia this week as part of the International Cycling Union Professional Continental Tour, but its mission has grown far beyond competition.