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Latest Headlines

Researchers from Boston Sci helping develop alternative to pancreas transplant

Irish researchers are developing an alternative to pancreas transplants as the race to treat diabetes heats up. They are developing a substance containing pancreatic cells embedded in a gel.

Eli Lilly leads Series B for startup with connected insulin pen, smartphone app combo

Eli Lilly has led a Series B round for San Diego, CA-based startup Companion Medical. The financing is expected to enable the completion of testing and 510(k) submission for its Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and accompanying smartphone app. The amount of the financing was undisclosed.

Diabetes app 'One Drop' drops with digerati backing

Digital marketing veteran Jeff Dachis wants to bring the digital revolution to healthcare--and he knows firsthand that healthcare needs it. Co-founder of one of the first digital marketing agencies, Razorfish, back in the '90s, Dachis was stunned by the lack of comprehensive tech solutions for people with diabetes after he was diagnosed with Type 1 disease in 2013.

FDA clears BD insulin infusion set developed with diabetes patient advocacy groups

Becton Dickinson worked with diabetes patient advocate groups to develop its latest insulin infusion set, which is designed for improved insulin flow with reduced interruptions. Now the FDA has cleared the new infusion set based on BD FlowSmart.

Eli Lilly reveals drug delivery, device innovation center to be based in Cambridge

Eli Lilly will open a new drug delivery and device innovation center in Cambridge, MA. Medical devices aren't a focus for the pharma now--but it noted that more than half of its current pipeline candidates are biologics that require injection. It expects to double its revenues from device-enabled products by 2020 and is looking to have a hand in that arena.

Northwestern team puts spherical RNA in common skin moisturizer to speed up wound healing

Combining spherical (as opposed to linear) RNA with a common commercial moisturizer, Northwestern University researchers developed the first topical gene regulation therapy to accelerate the healing of ulcers associated with diabetes, at least in animals.

Cable player Cox makes its third med tech investment, in diabetes management

Everybody wants a bite of the med tech apple, including cable company Cox Communications. Its broadband communications and entertainment division announced an investment in Rimidi and its Diabetes+Me cloud-based platform for diabetes management.

Diabetes device sales bounce back at Abbott with FreeStyle Libre

Diabetes care at Abbott Laboratories has returned to sales growth as ex-U.S. sales of its new FreeStyle Libre kick in and the impact of diabetes device reimbursement reductions dropped off the books. The continuous glucose monitor eliminates regular finger sticks and has surpassed the company's sales expectations.

Merck aims for double payoff with new diabetes education push

With Januvia contributing billions in critical revenue, Merck has backed its fair share of diabetes education and awareness efforts. But with its latest, the company may give vaccine sales a boost, too.

Abbott's clearance to sell low-cost diabetes glucose monitor a sign of changing reimbursement rules

Abbott announced FDA clearance of its FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Monitoring System as an over-the-counter product, and said it is the cheapest device in the diabetes meter and test strips arena.