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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Combo-happy Diamyd launches new diabetes vaccine trial in children

Diabetes vaccine developer Diamyd Medical is running a Phase II test to see if its candidate, Diamyd, can prevent or delay the onset of Type 1 diabetes in children at very high risk of presenting with the disease.

Protein Sciences nabs stake in diabetes vax developer Diamyd

With its candidate diabetes vaccine in Phase II combo studies, Diamyd Medical is seeing some new investment--including a bumped-up agreement with longtime partner Protein Sciences.

Diamyd Medical sells off nerve-targeted delivery unit

Swedish company Diamyd Medical has sold off its U.S. subsidiary, Diamyd, and its nerve-delivery system, designed to deliver drugs to treat pain directly to the nervous system. The buyer is Periphagen Holdings, a company created and owned by the Diamyd management.

Modified herpes simplex virus delivers anti-pain gene therapy

University of Michigan researchers are reporting success in easing pain in cancer sufferers using gene therapy delivered by a modified herpes simplex virus (HSV). David Fink, chair of the Department