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Latest Headlines

Lilly moves the goal line in its make-or-break Alzheimer's trial

Eli Lilly, at work on a huge Alzheimer's disease study with implications for the whole drug industry, is changing the main goal of its trial to reflect what the company called "emerging scientific evidence."

Eli Lilly reports promising early-stage results for its fast-acting insulin formulation

Eli Lilly reported strong Phase I results of its BioChaperone Lispro ultrarapid formulation of insulin, which it in-licensed from Lyon, France's Adocia for $50 million upfront and up to $520 million in milestone payments. The candidate is designed to enable injections before, during or after meals due to its fast-acting nature.

Lilly moves toward psoriasis showdown with Novartis in EU

Look out, Novartis. Eli Lilly is now one step closer in the EU to challenging the Swiss pharma's new psoriasis standout, Cosentyx, with its own next-gen therapy, ixekizumab.

Lilly rolls toward EU approval with a potential psoriasis blockbuster

Eli Lilly is moving toward European approval for its injectable psoriasis therapy, hoping to challenge Novartis among a pack of companies on the way to the market.

Lilly suffers stinging defeat in EU patent battle over Alimta

Eli Lilly suffered a crushing defeat in the U.K. over patents for its lung cancer blockbuster Alimta as the U.K. High Court ruled in favor of Actavis' plan to market copycat versions of the med.

After teething problems, Eli Lilly hails success of transition of 15,000 staff from laptops to iPads

Eli Lilly is hailing its move from laptops to Apple's iPad as a success. Having committed to the transition several years ago, Lilly now has 15,000 iPad-equipped staffers and is in the process of upgrading to the Pro model, but getting to this point has caused some headaches for the company.

Pfizer keeps pushing on early hit Ibrance as Novartis, Lilly rivals near market

Pfizer's Ibrance has been steamrolling since it nabbed an early FDA go-ahead last February. And even with competition coming up the pipeline from the company's Big Pharma rivals, Pfizer intends to keep it that way.

Lilly considers taking the plunge on a next-gen GLP-1 drug for diabetes

Canada's Transition Therapeutics is touting positive Phase II data for a once-a-week GLP-1 treatment, triggering a decision point for partner Eli Lilly, which bought into the program in a $247 million deal.

Eli Lilly could see another 18 months of emerging markets slowdown

A downbeat 2015 in emerging markets for Eli Lilly is set to continue into the coming year and beyond, executives said, though some brands remain strong and will take up most of the company's efforts in those regions, particularly in China.

Riding Q4 diabetes growth, Lilly aims for even more with Jardiance

It was a "very quiet quarter overall" for Eli Lilly & Co., in the words of Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson. But the company expects things to get plenty more exciting if its diabetes med Jardiance wins a label change, an event it's anticipating for the second half of this year.