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Latest Headlines

Teva speeds toward Allergan deal close with EU thumbs up

Teva has nabbed the European approval it needs to close its $40.5 billion acquisition of Allergan's generics unit, clearing a big regulatory hurdle as it awaits word from officials in the U.S. But there are some conditions.

Teva offers up concessions for quick EU review of Allergan deal

Teva may have just dodged a lengthy delay in closing its $40 billion-plus deal for Allergan's generics business.

India says no trade talks with EU until GVK issue 'resolved'

An offical at India's Commerce Ministry says the currently stalled free trade talks with the European Union will remain on hold until a ban on 700 generic drugs that were bioequivalency tested by GVK Biosciences is resolved, according to a report by  The Hindu  newspaper.

India defers EU trade talks as ban on GVK-tested drugs rankles

India has deferred planned trade talks with the European Union as a form of protest to a European Union-wide ban set to start this month on more than 700 drugs that were bioequivalency-tested by GVK BioSciences, India's Live Mint newspaper said.

Fallout from India's GVK means $1B lost in drug exports by March 2016

The fallout from a European Union-wide ban on more than 700 drugs that were bioequivalency-tested by India's GVK BioSciences could cost India at least $1 billion in exports by the end of the fiscal year in March 2016, the Economic Times reports.

Generic, biosimilar revenues look solid in Asia with many Indian firms eyeing innovation

Various recent reports covering the near-term and long-term outlook for the pharmaceutical industry in Asia paint a positive picture with increased revenues coming from the generics and biosimilars industries along with products as specific as human insulin from China.

Accidental poliovirus dump adds to GSK's production woes

Having begun the month by revealing new problems at its Canadian flu vaccine plant and followed that up with a fine for violating the U.S. Clean Air Act last week, GSK has now accidentally dumped live poliovirus into the Belgian sewer system.

EU creates €1B fund for research on the use of graphene

The European Union is betting heavily on graphene, a potential material of the future with several med tech applications, via a €1 billion ($1.3 billion) research fund dubbed the Graphene Flagship.

EU looks toward new medical device legislation in 2015

In 2012, an immediate action plan as well as new medical device legislation were proposed in the European Union. This week, the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council of the European Commission declared the action plan a success and issued its vision for upcoming legislative changes.

Ireland resists tougher EU device regulations

Ireland is balking at proposed tougher medical device regulations in the European Union, a major voice of opposition as member states work to hash out a final law.