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Latest Headlines

FDA nitpicks Shiongi's head lice copay voucher over 'false and misleading' claims

Things are getting hairy for New Jersey-based pharma Shiongi and its head lice treatment Ulesfia. The FDA is chastising the company for putting out a copay coupon that talks up the lotion's benefits without warning patients about its risks.

Gilead gains next-gen HIV approval from FDA as it looks to beat back competition

Gilead Sciences has notched up yet another HIV therapy approval as touted blockbuster Descovy gains the nod from the U.S. regulator.

Experts share info in scramble to fight 'impressive' Zika virus

In a frantic effort to curb the Zika outbreak--which has now reportedly spread in more than 50 countries and territories--world vaccines experts are pooling knowledge to hopefully inform vaccine development.

Strimvelis to be the start of a whole new gene therapy platform for GSK and partners

GlaxoSmithKline and its Italian research partners are plotting major new European research hubs with future growth in gene therapies and beyond after the CHMP recommended its new "bubble boy" drug for approval in Europe on Friday.

Drugmakers see no marketing leverage from FDA biosim guidelines

Drugmakers had high hopes for the FDA's biosimilars labeling guidance; both reference-product drugmakers and copycats figured they might be able to use biosimilar labeling to their marketing advantage, depending on the language. But no dice, the FDA said late last week.

PwC: Biopharma must turn to tech to address surge in data integrity violations

Over the past few years, regulators have frequently found fault with data integrity at manufacturers and CROs, which have been accused of everything from logging discrepancies in uncontrolled Excel files to the duplicating of electrocardiogram results. In response, PricewaterhouseCoopers is calling for adoption of technologies to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

FDA publishes more biosimilar labeling advice after pharma voices its concerns

The FDA has released further draft guidelines on how biopharma should name their new copycat biologics in what has been described as a "positive for the biosimilars industry," but problems over interchangeability remain.

Congressional investigation says tainted Chinese heparin may still be in U.S.

In 2008, contaminated raw heparin from China was tied to the deaths of dozens of U.S. dialysis patients, leading the FDA to realize it needed inspectors in China to oversee manufacturers. But a House investigation, launched that year and still ongoing, is questioning whether the FDA has done enough and whether the tainted heparin may still be getting into the U.S.

Genfit moves liver disease pill into mid-stage, hints at upcoming IPO

The French drugmaker Genfit will start a Phase II study in the coming months for its experimental liver damage drug elafibranor as it also hopes for a lull in the financial headwinds to get its IPO off this year.

Jazz Pharma's much-delayed rare liver disease drug finally wins FDA approval

Five years after defibrotide was first rejected by the FDA, its new rights owner, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, has finally gained the nod in the U.S. in what will likely prove a highly lucrative approval for the biotech.
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