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Latest Headlines

GSK-backed study links flu vaccine to lower risk of heart attack

With flu vaccines arriving in pharmacies and National Immunization Awareness Month well under way, the benefits of vaccines have been well documented in recent weeks. And a new study shows flu vaccines may provide even more benefits than originally thought.

Improved vaccines mean flu immunization can start earlier

Whereas in the past, a vaccine given in August would offer little protection come February, new formulations are extending the period of immunity. Healthcare professionals have responded by adjusting the advice they give to their patients.

FDA approval expands GSK's franchise of flu vaccines

GlaxoSmithKline has notched another FDA approval this week. The agency became the first regulator to stamp an approval on the London-based drugmaker's influenza virus vaccine Flulaval Quadrivalent.

Study reconfirms safety of flu vaccine in pregnant women

Research in the journal  Obstetrics and Gynecology  found that 74,000 pregnant women who received a flu shot, in any trimester, were no more likely to experience pregnancy complications.

Mitsubishi to snap up vaccine developer Medicago in $357M deal

The deal would give the Japanese drug company a 60% stake in the vaccine developer, with Philip Morris Investments holding onto its sizable ownership of the biotech and keeping a 40% stake.

More positive preclinical results for Inovio's H7N9 vaccine

An experimental vaccine to combat the virulent, newly emerging H7N9 avian flu vaccine caused cellular immune responses that could not only reduce the severity of the infection in a person who catches the virus but also limit the spread of the deadly flu strain in a pandemic setting.

Novartis and Sanofi nab DoD vaccine contracts

Novartis and Sanofi have both won contracts to supply the Department of Defense with flu vaccines.

Tax loophole eyed ahead of launch of Sanofi, GSK, AstraZeneca quadrivalent shots

Old laws have a habit of leaving antiquated legal curiosities in force. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armor. And as it stands, quadrivalent flu vaccines are exempt from a $0.75-per-dose compensation tax levied on trivalent shots in the U.S.

Universal flu vaccine effective in preclinical studies

Scientists may be one step closer to producing a universal influenza vaccine--a breakthrough that could have broad implications for public health around the globe.

Thailand government vaccine plant at center of probe

Four years ago, a federal agency in Thailand began building a plant intended to produce enough flu vaccine to protect the country in case of a pandemic. But anticorruption investigators for the current government now want answers as to why the plant is two years overdue.