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Latest Headlines

Study: More flu vaccine benefits people with HIV

Individuals with HIV receive greater protection against the flu when given four times the normal dose of flu vaccine, a new study shows.

Emergent, VaxInnate sign pandemic flu vaccine deal

Emergent BioSolutions snagged the exclusive right to manufacture and sell VaxInnate's flu vaccine, a product Emergent can produce quickly at high yields and low cost.

Georgia State scientists investigate universal flu vaccine

A universal influenza vaccine is the virtual Holy Grail for flu scientists, and a researcher and his collaborators at Georgia State University's Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection moved a step closer to developing the elusive shot.

FDA approves GSK's quadrivalent flu vaccine

The FDA gave the OK to GlaxoSmithKline's new four-strain seasonal flu vaccine, which the company said will become available for the 2013-2014 flu season.

Flu season arrives a month early

An early flu season is under way, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, and will likely prove formidable.

Protein Sciences takes over fully equipped Wyeth vaccine plant

One way to start up a vaccine manufacturing operation is to simply take over a mothballed plant left idle by one of Big Pharma's merger shakeouts. That is exactly what Protein Sciences is doing in New York.

Protein Sciences to inhabit Pfizer facilities to make next-gen flu vaccine

The lease gives Meriden, CT-based Protein Sciences access to 83,000 square feet of space at Pfizer's 550-acre Pearl River campus, which has been subject to cutbacks within the past couple of years.

CureVac, German scientists take aim at faster flu vaccine

When it comes to flu pandemics, making and distributing vaccines quickly is of utmost importance. And now German scientists have developed an RNA vaccine that could cut flu vaccine production time from months to weeks.

Novartis gets FDA OK for faster flu vaccine production at U.S. plant

Novartis will use a process to manufacture its seasonal flu vaccine at its new plant in Holly Springs, NC, that is based on animal cell cultures and so will cut weeks off production times.

FDA approves Novartis flu vaccine

The FDA approved Novartis' novel flu vaccine produced using cultured animal cells instead of the traditional manufacturing process that uses fertilized chicken eggs.