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Latest Headlines

Top 10 selling flu vaccines of 2012

What do less-than-stellar vaccination rates mean for sales? Looking at actual worldwide 2011 sales numbers and estimated worldwide 2012 sales numbers provided by EvaluatePharma, it seems sales as a whole are only slightly up for the top 10 best-selling flu vaccines. Read more >>

Italy ends ban on Novartis flu vaccine

Italy lifted a ban on Novartis' flu vaccine several weeks after halting distribution due to small virus particles found in some injections.

BiondVax, MonoSol Rx develop oral universal flu vaccine

BiondVax and MonoSol Rx have joined forces to develop an oral delivery system for the universal flu vaccine M-001.

In search of a lasting flu vaccine

Every flu season, doctors and pharmacists must stock up on the latest influenza vaccine to offer patients. Unlike other vaccines that provide decades worth of protection, the flu vaccine needs to be administered every year. But researchers are looking to change this.

Study: Flu vaccine protects against heart attacks

A new study shows the influenza vaccine protects against more than just the flu--it defends against heart attacks.

Cigarette maker Philip Morris rolls vaccine interests into China

Craving growth in the huge market for tobacco products in China, Philip Morris International has invested in rights to flu vaccines made from a species of tobacco plant for use in the Asian powerhouse.

UPDATED: Canada, Switzerland lift ban on Novartis flu vaccine

Health Canada is investigating the discovery by the company of small clumps of virus particles in some batches of the flu vaccines sold in the country as Fluad and Agriflu.

Crucell suspends delivery of flu vaccines to Italy

Crucell, the vaccines arm of Johnson & Johnson, suspended a delivery of 2.36 million seasonal flu vaccine doses to Italy, Reuters reports.

Abbott plans Russian flu vaccine company buyout

Pharma giant Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) has filed an application to acquire Russia's Petrovax Pharm, its flu vaccines partner. Such a deal would become one of the top three largest in the history of the Russian pharmaceutical market, experts say.

Inovio preclinical results prove skin delivery potency for DNA vaccines

Inovio Pharmaceuticals says a new minimally invasive skin delivery system for DNA vaccines worked well in animal studies, giving a shot in the arm for potential treatments to prevent HIV and various strains of flu.