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Latest Headlines

EU wants power to negotiate flu vaccine prices

EU health chief John Dalli has proposed a measure that would allow the European Commission to bargain with Big Pharma to procure vaccines for its member states in future flu pandemics. "We...

Experts: Video on Delta flights misleading about vaccines

A public service announcement aired on some Delta Air Lines flights is causing controversy. The spot, paid for by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), advises passengers to wash their

Baxter recalls 300K flu vaccines

Baxter International ($BAX) has issued a voluntary recall of 300,000 doses of its popular flu vaccine Preflucel after a higher-than-expected number of side effects were reported in those who got the

FDA warns against needleless flu shots

Those looking to get the flu shot without the prick of a needle are out of luck. After receiving questions about the vaccination method, the FDA says it's never approved a flu vaccine administered

Baxter issues precautionary recall of flu vaccine

Baxter International ($BAX) has issued a Class 1 (immediate action) recall for two batches of its Preflucel flu vaccine in the U.K. and directed healthcare providers that none of the vaccine--from

Study: Vaccinating children against flu cuts ER visits

After the CDC lowered the flu shot age recommendation to include 2- to 4-year-olds in 2006, hospitals saw a drastic decline in emergency room visits for flu-like illnesses, according to a study

Vax maker CSL on road to GMP compliance

The common vaccine-making process of blending flu virus strains appears to have been a factor in the nearly 10% adverse reaction rate to CSL's Fluvax among children last year. Intermingling of the

New strain of H5N1 lacks vax protection

Scientists have discovered a mutant strain of the bird flu, which has been observed in China and Vietnam, and the variant is different enough that current vaccines won't protect against it. So far,

Takeda parlays Baxter's vax methods into Japanese subsidies

Takeda Pharmaceutical ($TKPHF) has scored again with its home government, this time winning a ¥23.9 billion ($311 million) subsidy to develop an advanced commercial production facility for new

WHO: Flu vaccine production will double by 2015

According to the World Health Organization, the world's seasonal flu vaccine production capacity will double by 2015 to 1.7 billion doses. And that production could swell 5.4 billion doses for a