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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca sends James Van Der Beek 'camping' to promote FluMist Quadrivalent

To get the word out on AstraZeneca's needle-free FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine, the company has brought on James Van Der Beek--of "Dawson's Creek" fame--to participate in its "Insist on the Mist" campaign.

CDC committee recommends AZ's FluMist over flu shot in children

AstraZeneca's flu vaccine sales may have just gotten a boost, courtesy of federal regulators. Wednesday, they recommended that healthy children 2 to 8 years old receive the company's nasal spray flu vaccine FluMist in lieu of flu shots when available.

AstraZeneca eyes 2014 EU launch for 4-in-1 flu vaccine after winning approval

When MedImmune won approval for its quadrivalent nasal flu vaccine back in February 2012, it kicked off the battle to claim a share of the next-generation influenza immunization market. Now, almost two years later, its parent company AstraZeneca has the race underway in Europe, too.

AstraZeneca wins Fluenz contract in U.K.

AstraZeneca ($AZN) snagged a contract in the U.K. that will make its Fluenz nasal spray the vaccine of choice for children ages two to 17.

Ampligen-FluMist nasal trial begins

Hemispherx Biopharma's RNA-based adjuvant, Ampligen (rintatolimod), is being tested in a new indication--this time intranasally for the first time in humans along with AstraZeneca's nasal flu vaccine FluMist.

AstraZeneca's FluMist Quadrivalent to hit U.S. market

The FDA has approved AstraZeneca's ($AZN) nasal FluMist Quadrivalent flu vaccine for use in people ages 2 to 49. Made at AstraZeneca's MedImmune unit, FluMist Quadrivalent contains two...

Study explains how FluMist works

A study conducted by the Trudeau Institute finally demystifies how the nasal flu vaccine FluMist elicits protection. "Influenza infection normally induces a massive inflammatory response in the lungs

SLU: Include both strains of influenza B in shot

Flu vaccines would probably protect children better if they included both strains of influenza B instead of just one, Saint Louis University (SLU) researchers say. "Each year, the FDA selects two

New studies help mold market for flu vaccines

Two new studies came out this week that could play a big role in shaping the market for seasonal flu vaccines. In the first, researchers found clear evidence that influenza is linked to a higher risk

Pandemic could be the making of FluMist

The swine flu pandemic could make AstraZeneca's premium price for MedImmune look prescient. The drugmaker plans to produce 200 million doses of MedImmune's nasal-spray vaccine FluMist by March,