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Analysis: Sanofi's Fluzone High Dose for adults 65+ results in lower medical costs

Older adults don't have as robust an immune response to the flu vaccine as young people do. So Sanofi Pasteur formulated a higher-dose version of its trivalent Fluzone vaccine, which was found in an economic analysis to result in lower medical costs for older adults.

Sanofi, Protein Sciences win flu jab nods in older adults

A couple of flu vaccine makers have new patient populations to target, thanks to a pair of recent FDA approvals in older adults.

Sanofi to roll out quadrivalent flu jab in Canada amid GSK manufacturing woes

As GlaxoSmithKline's flu vaccine manufacturing struggles in Canada continue, Sanofi is moving into the country with its own four-strain flu blocker. Its Fluzone Quadrivalent will roll out in Canada starting this flu season, it said Wednesday.

Sanofi's high-dose Fluzone beats standard-dose version in protecting seniors

Sanofi appealed to the FDA to change the labeling of its high-dose Fluzone vaccine to reflect superior efficacy data in people aged over 65, and now it has fresh trial results to back up its case that Fluzone High-Dose provides better protection in individuals in this age group compared to traditional flu jabs.

UPDATED: Sanofi makes case for Fluzone superior clinical benefit label

In August, Sanofi gave a first look at eagerly anticipated data from Phase III comparing its high-dose Fluzone vaccine with a standard jab. The data prompted Sanofi to talk up its chances of getting a label for superior efficacy data in people aged over 65, and this week it began making its case.

Sanofi to return to FDA with new flu vaccine data

In 2009, Sanofi made its play for the seniors flu vaccine market by introducing Fluzone High-Dose. After running a trial of 30,000 people aged 65 and older, the company is ready to go back to FDA to seek a new label for the vaccine.

Sanofi eyes superiority claim for Fluzone High-Dose after trial boost

Sanofi's high-dose formulation of Fluzone scored in a new trial in seniors. The study pitted Fluzone High-Dose against the regular formula and found that the amped-up version offered 24% better protection in patients 65 and older.

Flu vaccine, Tamiflu shortage as influenza sweeps U.S.

As one of the worst flu seasons in a decade sweeps the United States, some flu vaccine and drug manufacturers find themselves in short supply of their products. Still, the high demand offers a welcome financial boost.

Drugmakers run short of Tamiflu, vaccine as flu bug bites hard

A tough year for the flu has run drugmakers short on vaccine and treatment. Still, with demand for flu vaccine and Tamiflu running rampant, it will mean a boost to sales for those companies that make them.

20 Top-selling Vaccines-- H1 2012

As H1 came to a close, FierceVaccines decided to take a look at which prophylactic vaccines flew off the shelves--and which companies made the sales.