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Latest Headlines

Galena says goodbye to ex-CEO, no severance pay included

Galena Biopharma announced a new CEO last week. The outgoing chief, Mark Ahn, was said to be leaving to pursue "other long-held personal and professional goals." That's an obvious red flag: Ahn must have been not-so-gently reminded that he had other long-held goals.

Galena stock jumps with NeuVax patent

Galena Bipharma's stock jumped a cool 35% when the company received a patent granting its breast cancer vaccine exclusivity until 2028.

Gynecological cancer vaccine enters clinical trials

While the incidence of ovarian cancer is around a fifth of that of breast cancer, the number of deaths from the disease is about half of the more common breast cancer. Despite surgery and...

Late-stage Galena vax offers hope for breast cancer patients

Oregon's Galena Biopharma ($GALE) is edging closer to a submission for NeuVax after the initiation of a Phase III trial for its vaccine to prevent HER2 1+ and 2+ breast cancer recurrence in the...

Breast cancer vaccine set for large-scale testing

A breast cancer vaccine spearheaded by the military is due to begin large-scale clinical trials early this year in preparation for FDA submission, according to a recent report by the American Forces...