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Latest Headlines

Duke University scores $20M from NIH to develop HIV vaccine

In a win for HIV vaccine research, Duke University researchers have scored $20 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health to develop an HIV vaccine.

GeoVax: Meeting the HIV vaccine challenge

"The development of HIV vaccines has been slow, because the research community had to determine what genetic material would trigger both an antibody and a T cell response. Many times you need to find out what doesn't work first, but the research is now speeding up," says Robert McNally, Ph.D., president and CEO of GeoVax, in an interview with FierceVaccines.

HIV vaccine carries its own adjuvant into clinical trials

The trial will include 48 people at four sites in the U.S., 40 receiving the vaccine at increasing doses and 8 as controls, and will check the safety of the vaccine while looking out for an immune response.

World AIDS day marked by new vaccine progress

Despite recent setbacks in the search for a new AIDS vaccine, developers are continuing to report fresh progress in the field. GeoVax Labs chose World AIDS day to announce that it is launching a

GeoVax readies mid-stage AIDS vaccine trial

Atlanta-based GeoVax Labs is planning to launch a mid-stage study of its AIDS vaccine this fall. The Emory University spin-off says that the NIH study would recruit 225 volunteers to help test the