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Latest Headlines

New strain of H5N1 lacks vax protection

Scientists have discovered a mutant strain of the bird flu, which has been observed in China and Vietnam, and the variant is different enough that current vaccines won't protect against it. So far,

Vaxart starts Ph1 oral vax trial

San Francisco-based Vaxart has started dosing patients in its first Phase I trial using its oral vaccine platform. The study uses an H5N1 flu vaccine, but the platform, if effective, could be used

Intercell scrambles after vax patch flunks PhII

Startled by the unexpected failure of a mid-stage trial of its vaccine adjuvant patch, Intercell AG is changing up the vaccine it used in the study along with the hemagglutinin inhibition assay used

Novavax VLP vax works against 1918 Spanish flu

Novavax says that a virus-like particle vaccine it developed was successful in guarding against both the deadly 1918 Spanish flu strain as well as an H5N1 strain in a preclinical study. Researchers

Poland investigates deaths of homeless in vaccine trial

Polish officials are investigating the deaths of a number of homeless people who were recruited to take part in a clinical trial of a new avian flu vaccine trial. According to some of the officials,

Relenza outperforms Tamiflu in bird flu study

The antiviral Relenza has won a battle over Tamiflu in the competition for government contracts from governments anxious about a possible bird flu epidemic. New research published in Nature