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Latest Headlines

Biogen vet tapped as CIO of Harvard Med School

Harvard Medical School has named Rainer Fuchs as the prestigious institution's chief information officer, a post that Dr. John Halamka had recently vacated, FierceBiotech IT has confirmed after learning of the news on Twitter last week.

Flu, over time, could increase Alzheimer's vulnerability

The flu and herpes viruses are bad enough already. But Harvard Medical School scientists believe that they may cause lasting brain cell damage, making sufferers vulnerable to neurodegenerative...

Breakthrough trial protects monkeys from HIV-like virus

Scientists for the first time have successfully used a vaccine to protect monkeys from contracting their version of the AIDS virus. Johnson & Johnson ($J&J) subsidiary Crucell NV of the

Harvard project takes aim at improving drug development odds

For all the much-vaunted scientific effort that goes into drug development, biotech companies and their scientific teams are often shining a light on only one narrow cellular target. Often a new drug

Harvard Med School CIO Halamka exiting big job

Citing some of the major information technology challenges Harvard medical researchers face, Dr. John Halamka, a nationally recognized IT expert, says that he plans to leave his post as CIO of

Harvard, Yale researchers make strides in lung regeneration

Researchers have created a device about the size of an eraser that mimics a breathing human lung. The device is made using human lung and blood vessel cells and allows the scientists to see the

Human protein offers breakthrough antiviral strategy

One of the most perplexing challenges presented by the swine flu pandemic centered on the question of why some people were killed by a virus that had only a mild impact on the vast majority of its

Sirtris puts longevity therapy to the test

Over the past several years there's been a growing amount of research to prove that caloric restriction can trigger longer life spans. And the potential to use drugs to trigger the same biologic

Harvard team uses chemical to reprogram cells

A team of researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute were able to turn normal skin cells into induced pluripotent stem cells by simply sprinkling them with a chemical and using two of the four

Harvard alumnus give $125M for biological engineering

In the largest individual gift Harvard University has ever received, billionaire alumnus Hansjörg Wyss has donated $125 million for the establishment of a biological engineering institute. Wyss,