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Latest Headlines

Harvard officials to probe psychiatrists’ drug payments

Officials at Mass General and Harvard Medical School have opened an investigation into the financial relationship between three prominent psychiatrists and the drug companies they did key research

Resveratrol potential fires interest in longevity drugs

Interest in longevity drugs continues to grow as new research points to the tonic effects of resveratrol. The New York Times notes that some scientists have become so enamored by the potential of the

C&L: PDL BioPharma's L. Patrick Gage resigns

PDL BioPharma director and interim Chief Executive L. Patrick Gage resigned due to differences among the board about prioritizing company goals. Histogenics has named F. Ken Andrews president and

Researchers see FDA uncertainty behind hold on ESC work

The news that the FDA had put a ‘clinical hold' on Geron's plans to launch the first U.S. clinical trial of a stem cell therapy is attracting considerable scrutiny from researchers. The

FDA approves Lilly's ADHD drug Strattera

Eli Lilly has won FDA approval of Strattera, a therapy designed to treat ADHD. Lilly says this is the first regulatory win for a non-stimulant ADHD drug in a market dominated by two

Millennium's Levin uses golden touch to fund start-up

Mark Levin earned a reputation for a colorful personality with an incredible knack for raising cash as co-founder of Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Two weeks ago, Takeda helped seal Levin's reputation

Super-resistant soil bacteria can thrive on antibiotics

It turns out that hundreds of bacteria can actually 'eat' antibiotics, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. The scientific team isolated bacteria in soil and fed them 18 different

Researcher nabs $1M Gotham Prize for cancer idea

A professor at the California Institute of Technology is walking away with the $1 million

Scientists discover a new aging, lifespan mechanism

Manipulating insulin levels raises the level of the master gene-regulating protein SKN-1, significantly prolonging the lives of microscopic worms in one study. That study could point the way to new

Warning: flat NIH budget threatens 'dead end'

A group of some of the most prestigious research groups in the country says that