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Latest Headlines

GSK-backed study links flu vaccine to lower risk of heart attack

With flu vaccines arriving in pharmacies and National Immunization Awareness Month well under way, the benefits of vaccines have been well documented in recent weeks. And a new study shows flu vaccines may provide even more benefits than originally thought.

Heart experts link biomarkers with high risk of 'silent strokes'

An investigative team of heart experts has tracked down a pair of biomarkers they say can flag people who are at risk of having "silent strokes," asymptomatic events that can quietly damage the brain and leave them threatened by even worse incidents of heart and vascular disease.

Biomarker trio enables blood Dx to map heart attack risk

Another team of researchers is tackling the task of developing a blood test designed to predict a patient's likelihood of suffering a heart attack. And they've zeroed on three promising biomarkers to help get the job done.

Pozen seeks FDA approval for layered aspirin cardiovascular treatment

Pozen submitted an application with the FDA for a tablet that combines the gastrointestinal drug omeprazole and an asipirin core coated with a pH-sensitive material.

CardioKinetix will use $23M round to propel EU heart failure device launch

In the fall of 2011, CardioKinetix raised the first half of its $44 million Series E round. Now, the California company and 2012 Fierce 15 winner has nailed down the difference, a $23 million second tranche. Plans call for putting the money to work immediately in a variety of ways to advance the company's second-generation Parachute Ventricular Partitioning Device for heart failure.

St. Jude: Renal denervation could help treat heart attack, stroke

Devicemakers have demonstrated that renal denervation can make a substantial difference in the lives of hypertension sufferers, but now St. Jude Medical is kicking off a landmark study to see if the treatment can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and death.

Nanomix plans test of triple biomarker heart attack Dx

Three biomarkers--troponin, myoglobin and H-FABP--are key elements of a new blood diagnostic that Nanomix plans to test on 170 people in a U.S. clinical trial.

Nanomix rolls out U.S. trial for heart attack blood Dx

Nanomix will test its new heart attack blood diagnostic test on 170 people in an upcoming U.S. clinical trial, the California company disclosed.

Compound preserves heart cells, tissue after heart attack or stroke damage

New compounds may be able to keep the heart cells of patients who experience a heart attack or stroke intact while also protecting them against additional injury that can happen after such an event.

Abbott gains CE marking for heart attack Dx

Abbott ($ABT) won a CE marking for a new diagnostic designed to help doctors determine if a patient is having a heart attack.
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