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Latest Headlines

FDA-approved genital warts drug could treat MERS

An injectable drug that's FDA-approved for another use may provide a treatment option for the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS, which has killed more than one-quarter of its victims since it first broke out in Saudi Arabia.

Hemispherx's Ampligen odyssey ends with (another) FDA rejection

Five years after filing for an approval of the chronic fatigue syndrome drug Ampligen, the FDA has spurned the application again, asking for additional information and another clinical trial.

Ampligen-FluMist nasal trial begins

Hemispherx Biopharma's RNA-based adjuvant, Ampligen (rintatolimod), is being tested in a new indication--this time intranasally for the first time in humans along with AstraZeneca's nasal flu vaccine FluMist.

Which biotechs are the least efficient?

SmartTrend has looked at the biotech industry to determine which companies are the least efficient. Using revenue per employee (RPE)--a ratio useful when comparing a company against others in its

Hemispherx forms data-monitoring team

A three-member independent data-monitoring committee will now oversee drug development, provide interim analyses of outcomes data, and ensure subject safety for Hemispherx Biopharma. The committee

Hemispherx offers more data on Ampligen

Hoping to overcome the FDA's concerns regarding Ampligen, Hemispherx announced that it has submitted new preclinical data for the drug to regulators. The agency had rejected Ampligen after concluding

Hemispherx battered after FDA rejects Ampligen NDA

Hemispherx BioPharma was dealt a heavy blow yesterday, watching its already battered share price plunge 44 percent after the developer announced that the FDA demanded to see more information from a

Hemispherx makes waves with Ampligen

Hemispherx had investors excited this week with the news of an analyst call on the company's flu initiatives, but the upward trend didn't last long. After skyrocketing more than 55 percent...

Hemispherx plays the FDA waiting game

Hemispherx Biopharma says the FDA, citing an increased workload, has extended its review for Ampligen for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. No drug candidate has received FDA approval for

Small biotechs outline harsh spending cuts

The San Francisco Chronicle compared many of the biotech companies in its area to a spore; they're planning to cut costs and lie low until new money flows, just like a spore waits for fresh moisture