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Latest Headlines

Daktari Diagnostics brings in $13M to fund its HIV test

Daktari Diagnostics achieved another milestone in its quest to raise $30 million for its groundbreaking HIV test. The company recently brought in $13 million in equity, moving it closer to realizing its original fundraising goal, the Boston Business Journal reports.

ViiV opens up brand-new HIV med Tivicay for cheap copies in poor countries

ViiV Healthcare has inked a deal with the Medicines Patent Pool to speed access to cheap copies of Tivicay (dolutegravir) in developing countries.

ViiV adds pricey new HIV drug Tivicay to patent pool

GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty set a precedent back in 2009, when his company placed several patents in a public pool to help developing countries find cures for HIV and other diseases--and then challenged other companies to do the same.

Zyomyx snags $7.5M from WHO's UNITAID to fund HIV/AIDS test in emerging markets

California diagnostic maker Zyomyx pulled in $7.5 million from World Health Organization-hosted UNITAID to support commercialization of its MyT4 point-of-care CD4 test for HIV/AIDS in the developing world.

Chembio got EU approval for its 20-minute HIV test

Chembio announced Tuesday it has received approval to begin marketing its rapid point-of-care HIV test, the HIV 1/2 Stat-Pak Assay, in Europe.

Merck to have Cipla make cut-rate version of an HIV drug

India's Cipla has been aggressive about taking aim at Western meds it thinks are too expensive for the Indian market, sometimes targeting those that have seen their patents pushed aside by compulsory licenses. But drugmaker Merck has a new deal with Cipla that might help it sidestep that issue.

Study: Drug-delivering ring halts HIV, herpes, pregnancy for months at a time

Researchers announced details of a vaginal ring with multiple capabilities, this one with an antiretroviral and a contraceptive. It's the first device capable of protecting women against HIV, herpes and unwanted pregnancy all at the same time, the scientists say.

Sangamo's gene editing tech tailors T cells to resist HIV, points to 'cure'

Gene editing pioneer Carl June at the University of Pennsylvania is back in the headlines. The academic investigator--heralded for his work on a gene editing technique now being tested for cancer--led a team of scientists who successfully used zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) technology from Sangamo to tailor their T cells, essentially locking a back door used by the lethal virus.

Antibody discovery opens new avenue for HIV vaccine development

A team of U.S. and South African researchers has identified and cloned an antibody that targets one of the few unchanging regions of HIV.

Study: In two-drug, HIV-preventing vaginal ring, only one drug does the job

A study of a vaginal ring for the prevention of HIV came back with mixed results. The ring, which delivers two drugs, was safe for 28 days, but only one of the antiretroviral drugs was effective in protecting against the virus.