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Latest Headlines

Wishing you a happy HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

I want to wish you a belated happy HIV Vaccine Awareness Day for 18 May from FierceVaccines and share with you part of a statement from Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

HIV vaccine carries its own adjuvant into clinical trials

The trial will include 48 people at four sites in the U.S., 40 receiving the vaccine at increasing doses and 8 as controls, and will check the safety of the vaccine while looking out for an immune response.

Nasal HIV vax safe, triggers immune response

The therapeutic HIV vaccine that the company nearly shelved in October 2011, Bionor's Vacc-4X, was safe given nasally to HIV-positive patients also on antiretrovirals.

Study: Further insight into Merck HIV vax infection increase

A recent study published in the Journal of Infectious Disease confirmed that a vaccine study halted in 2007 showed an increased risk of infection in the first 18 months for subgroups of the men who were vaccinated, but that this difference disappeared after 18 months.

Nigeria commits to AIDS vaccine development

In Nigeria, around 3.3 million people were living with HIV/AIDS in 2010. To try to combat this, the country is kick-starting its vaccine program again.

HIV vaccines: When is a failure actually a success?

The Thai trial, also known as RV144, was published in the NEJM in 2009 and is the subject of a new study, which has tried to unpack just how that protective effect worked.

GeoVax steps closer to HIV prevention

To be really effective in people at a high risk of infection, an HIV vaccine needs to protect against not just one exposure but many, and recent research from GeoVax ($GOVX) might bring this ideal type of protection a step closer.

In the clinic, Inovio's HIV vaccine treats as well as prevents

Inovio's HIV vaccine has triggered significant immune responses against a number of HIV antigens in a therapeutic clinical trial presented at the Vaccine World Summit 2012 in Hyderabad, India.

Cuban HIV vaccine to enter clinical trials

Clinical trials of a new recombinant HIV vaccine from Cuba are expected to begin soon.

Bacteria may lead to HIV vaccine

Rhizobium radiobacter. Ever heard of it? It's a bug that causes crown gall disease in plants. So what does that have to do with vaccines against HIV? Canadian researchers have found sugars on the...