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Latest Headlines

Hospira whacks first 100 jobs as it shutters Clayton, NC, plant

Just weeks before announcing that it was selling itself to Pfizer for $15 billion, Hospira said it had decided to close up its once-troubled plant in Clayton, NC, and lay off the 250 workers in June. Those job cuts have now begun.

Hospira's Rocky Mount warning letter lifted; Pfizer benefits

Hospira has worked itself out from under the warning letters for its pharma manufacturing plants in Rocky Mount and Clayton, NC. That means that Pfizer, which is buying Hospira in a $17 billion deal, will not have that hanging over its head, although the company still has plenty of other regulatory issues with which Pfizer will have to contend.

Hospira has stellar Q1 as it works to resolve quality issues

Injectable drug specialist Hospira, which is being bought by Pfizer, blew past analysts' projections for its Q1 earnings today, but its manufacturing issues continue to be a drag. Just last week, the FDA said Hospira had issued a recall of an anesthetic because iron particles had been found in some vials.

UPDATED: Hospira, soon to be part of Pfizer, spanked again by the FDA

When Pfizer announced its $15 billion deal to buy sterile injectable specialist Hospira, execs said they had studied FDA concerns over Hospira manufacturing before pulling the trigger. But Hospira just keeps giving Pfizer new lessons. Today, the FDA posted a warning letter it recently sent to Hospira CEO F. Michael Ball for a plant in Italy.

UPDATED: Hospira gets yet another warning letter, this one for Italy plant

Hospira has just picked up an FDA warning letter for a plant in Italy, meaning it now has plants tagged with warning letters on four of the 7 continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. But the problem will be Pfizer's to deal with since it has struck a $15 billion deal to buy the sterile injectable specialist.

Hospira recalls more saline as well as drug used during pregnancy

Hospira has initiated not one, but two, more recalls of injected drugs already on the FDA drug shortage list. One is saline solution and is being recalled after a human hair was found in a delivery bag. This is the second time this has happened since the first of the year.

FDA aims to disseminate drug shortage info through app

Several factors in the manufacturing process can lead to a drug shortage. Now, the FDA has launched an effort to combat the effects of such shortages, bringing the battle to your smartphone.

Hospira's new India plant again faulted by the FDA

The opening of Hospira's new plant in India that it is counting on to lower its manufacturing costs will be delayed again after it racked up another set of observations during a reinspection by the FDA last month. Unless quickly resolved, it will be an issue that Pfizer will inherit given its $15 billion buyout of Hospira announced last month.

From the pharma C-suite: Notable, quotable remarks on Asia, emerging markets (Part 2)

Here is part two of comments from C-suite execs on emerging markets and Asia in the latest quarterly conference calls.

Hospira and Celltrion hit a speed bump in their biosimilar dash

The FDA wants some more time to review Hospira and partner Celltrion's copy of Johnson & Johnson's blockbuster autoimmune drug Remicade, possibly delaying the drug's march onto the U.S. market.