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Latest Headlines

Gardasil dose reduction could boost EU sales for Merck-Sanofi joint venture

Now that the European Commission has officially approved a two-dose Gardasil regimen for early teens, Merck and Sanofi--who market the HPV vaccine in Europe through joint venture Sanofi Pasteur MSD--will see the number of shots per patient fall.

Merck, Sanofi hope for sales expansion with two-dose Gardasil switch

Now that the European Commission has officially approved a two-dose Gardasil regimen for early teens, Merck and Sanofi will see the number of shots per patient fall. But that doesn't mean they'll necessarily take a sales hit, with the move potentially expanding overall access and providing a bump both drugmakers could use.

Cepheid's 60-minute HPV test is now available in Europe

Cepheid announced Wednesday it has released Xpert HPV for sale in Europe. The fast test is designed to detect cervical-cancer-related human papillomaviruses (HPV) in women and return results in an hour.

Mushroom-derived compound could stamp out HPV infection

A compound derived from mushrooms may provide a new therapeutic avenue for treating human papillomavirus and curbing HPV-related cancers.

Failure of sexual health clinics to offer HPV vaccine leaves high-risk groups vulnerable

Concerns about cost and promiscuity have led to many countries struggling to increase uptake of human papillomavirus vaccines. England fits into this category, but survey data suggests it has a more fundamental problem: High-risk groups are less likely to be offered the vaccine.

Roche gets glowing reviews from FDA panel for frontline HPV test

In another win for Roche, a panel of experts unanimously recommended that the company's HPV test could be used for primary screening of cervical cancer.

U.K. mulls adopting a 2-dose model for HPV vaccination

If the U.K. adopts the two-shot model, it may use the cash it saves to vaccinate boys against HPV.

Study: Merck's Gardasil halves risk of precancerous lesions

The success of Australia's HPV vaccination catch-up program has given the country a world-leading trove of real-world data on the effectiveness of Merck's Gardasil. By mining this database, researchers have estimated the vaccine halves the risk of young women developing high-grade cervical abnormalities.

Qiagen launches its HPV test in India with low-resource areas in mind

Dutch molecular diagnostics conglomerate Qiagen launched its new human papillomavirus test in India for women in areas with limited healthcare infrastructure. The company is touting the careHPV test as the first designed specifically with this patient group in mind.

HPV-like vaccine guards against skin tumors in mice

A new vaccine developed by German researchers may be effective against a certain type of skin cancer in organ transplant patients caused by papillomavirus.