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Latest Headlines

Plant-based inhibitor could halt HIV infection

A compound derived from soybeans and other plants may have HIV-fighting properties, according to new research by scientists at George Mason University.

New drug target could halt age-related immune system declines

It's not quite the fountain of youth, but scientists with the Stanford University School of Medicine are zeroing in on a potential protein target that could at least help us age better. By blocking it with a potential new compound, they believe that they can stop age-related immune system declines and many of the diseases that come with this.

Researchers discover malaria target

Researchers at Australia's Burnet Institute discovered a prime target in the immune system's battle against malaria, marking a turning point in the search for a vaccine.

Key protein appears to kill off HIV food supply in certain cells

Today, we're one small but significant step closer to figuring out how to get certain cells to fight back against HIV infection. Specifically, scientists with the NYU Langone Medical Center and

Targeting NKp46 boosts immune response, Innate Pharma believes

In the bid to develop drugs to boost the immune system and fend off various infections, NKp46 may be the next big target. NKp46 is a receptor that helps regulate the immune system's natural killer

Researchers hope to boost body's response to chronic infections

When the body is under attack from an infection, the immune system develops memory T cells that help remember and attack the disease if it returns. But with chronic viruses like HIV or hepatitis C,

Emory researchers find long-lasting vax immunity via yellow fever

Researchers at Emory University have used one of the most successful vaccines, yellow fever, to promote longer-lasting immunity for vaccine recipients. And their discoveries could lead to fewer

Investigators create cancer-fighting T cell receptors

After 10 years of lab work a team of German scientists say they have developed a transgenic mouse model with modified T cell receptors that can help the immune system hunt down and destroy cancer

Space-bound mice used in immunity, stem cell studies

Astronauts tend to get sick, and Millie Hughes-Fulford of the Northern California Institute for Research and Education and the University of California at San Francisco, who actually flew on a NASA

Scientists: Vitamin D crucial for immunity

Danish scientists have determined sufficient intake of vitamin D is vital for the killer T cells of the immune system to fend off serious infections. And these findings could prove useful in the