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Latest Headlines

Researchers launch PhI study to test new approach to T cell immunotherapy

In a new wrinkle on the work being done to develop T-cell therapies to fight cancer, a group of investigators in Cleveland say they've seen promising lab results from a new adoptive approach that uses activated T cells extracted from the lymph nodes of melanoma patients.

Oncology biotech BioAtla banks $30M from Chinese syndicate

San Diego's BioAtla has raised $30 million in equity from undisclosed Chinese investors, cash that will help push its pipeline of large-molecule treatments.

Tumor tests for immuno-oncology drugs need some work, cancer experts say

Drugmakers are quick to cite results from tests for new immuno-oncology meds, with companies screening for biomarkers in tumors to see which individuals would benefit from the drugs. But the tests are not always reliable and could leave out a subset of patients who are a good fit for the drugs, according to researchers.

Genocea's genital herpes vaccine succeeds in PhII

There is no cure for genital herpes, but Genocea is getting closer to marketing an immunotherapy that could control herpes symptoms. The Massachusetts-based company announced Wednesday that it met its goals in a Phase II study of its investigational GEN-003 vaccine.

Juno beefs up its CAR-T arsenal with an $80M biotech buyout

CAR-T contender Juno Therapeutics is settling in for the long haul in a race to commercialize new immunotherapies for cancer, buying up a European biotech to firm up its process on the way to late-stage development.

Nanoparticle coating spurs oral cancer vaccine potential

The stomach and the gut are difficult places for DNA to survive and eventually pass into the bloodstream intact. Now researchers have developed nanoparticle-coated bacteria that can someday be used to create effective DNA vaccines.

Aduro swings for the fences with $119M IPO

Aduro Biotech is picking up in 2015 where it left off last year, riding momentum into an upsized $119 million IPO to fund its breakthrough pancreatic cancer immunotherapy combo CRS-207 and GVAX.

Juno and Novartis settle CAR-T patent fight with little fanfare

Novartis and Juno Therapeutics, pioneers in a promising new field of cancer treatment, have reached a settlement in their long-running patent dispute, clearing the way for each to advance rival therapies designed to weaponize the immune system.

CAR-T player Kite Pharma buys its way into Europe and pads its anticancer arsenal

Kite Pharma, a leader among companies in the fast-moving field of cancer immunotherapy, is expanding its arsenal of potential treatments and making European landfall with a biotech buyout.

Allergy biotech hauls in $80M for its oral immunotherapy

Food allergy upstart Allergen Research Corporation raised an $80 million B round to get its lead candidate into late-stage development, pushing ahead with a treatment for peanut allergies.