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Latest Headlines

Takeda places vaccines unit in Singapore to push for global growth

Last September, Takeda announced it would be putting vaccines into their own specialty business unit to "accelerate the globalization" of the business. And now, it's positioning the unit geographically to do the same.

Government halts research on dangerous airborne pathogens

The White House is temporarily shutting down biomedical research of dangerous pathogens, such as MERS, SARS and pandemic flu strains following several embarrassing safety incidents at government labs.

Improved monitoring of zoonotic diseases could predict future Ebola outbreaks

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in Western Africa underscores the critical need for better global surveillance strategies to combat the emergence of infectious diseases, especially those that have high mortality rates and pose a bioterror threat to countries, according to a new study.

Drug combo could treat deadly coronavirus

Scientists are one step closer to developing a treatment for the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection, which has claimed 180 victims, including 50 deaths, since it was first detected in Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to the World Health Organization.

Public sector picks up drug and vaccine development again

In a post-9/11 world, fears over pandemics and bioterrorism have renewed drug and vaccine development in the public sector, as national governments funnel research toward combating infectious diseases, like anthrax.

Whooping cough bug evades vaccine in Australia

It seems that the prolonged whooping cough epidemic that's swept Australia is caused by a new strain that is evading the protection given by the vaccine.

Hand, foot and mouth vaccine triggers 100% immune response

Hand, foot and mouth is a viral infection caused by a number of viruses, including the human enterovirus 71. Generally, it's just thought of as a mild infection that every now and then sweeps child care facilities and kindergartens, but it can be more sinister, and  Inviragen  has released some topline data from a Phase I trial showing an immune response from everyone receiving the vaccine.

Ebola, Marburg viruses blocked from entering cells

There is no cure for the deadly ebola virus, but University of Illinois at Chicago scientists may have figured out a way to prevent it from entering human cells. Writing in the Journal of Medicinal

Are biotech lab workers exposed to hazardous conditions?

There are some 232,000 staffers at work in U.S. biotech labs and some critics of the biomedical research industry say that they are often needlessly exposed to potentially lethal hazards, left

Supramap helps researchers track, predict infectious disease

Researchers have developed an application called Supramap that simplifies how public health officials track the spread of infectious disease. The web-based tool, created by scientists from the
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