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Latest Headlines

Biotech financier Blech gets jail time in 'No mercy' sentence

A federal judge wants biotech investor David Blech behind bars. Blech pleaded guilty last year to trading schemes involving stocks in the biotech companies Pluristem Therapeutics ($PSTI) and Intellect Neurosciences ($ILNS), and yesterday he and his attorney asked U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon in Manhattan for leniency in his sentencing.

Biotech ‘gambler’ Blech loses big in securities scam

The house won again on Wednesday. The one-time "King of Biotech" David Blech has admitted guilt to securities fraud stemming from an elaborate trading scheme to juice the stock prices of two biotech companies.

UPDATED: Intellect Neurosciences chases holy grail of Alzheimer's: a preventive vaccine

What's the focus of Alzheimer's disease vaccine research? Dr. Daniel Chain, Intellect Neurosciences' chairman and CEO, gave FierceVaccines his thoughts.

ViroPharma snags rare disease drug in potential $127M deal

ViroPharma is banking on an anti-oxidant compound to combat a rare neurological disease. The Exton, PA-based company ($VPHM) grabbed a worldwide license to the compound from Intellect Neurosciences