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Latest Headlines

Roche, Novartis face $1.6B in damages on Italy's Lucentis collusion ruling

Three months ago, antitrust authorities in Italy fined Novartis and Roche $251 million on charges they colluded to protect sales of their eye drug, Lucentis. Now, that country's Health Ministry is seeking further damages.

Italian mafia at center of network that stole vials of Roche's Herceptin

European authorities recently warned that stolen vials of Roche's cancer med Herceptin were showing up across the continent, some containing little or no active ingredient. Now they say the thefts were not isolated incidents, but commissioned by an organized crime group in Italy.

Italian prosecutors home in on Roche, Novartis execs in eye-drug collusion probe

Itlaian prosecutors have zeroed in on four executives at Roche and Novartis in their probe of potential fraud in the companies' eye-drug sales, Reuters reports, citing sources. The four executives weren't identified.

Novartis and Roche now have France eyeing competition issues

Efforts to steer doctors away from off-label use of cancer drug Avastin in favor of the pricier Lucentis for treating sight issues have gotten Swiss drugmakers Roche and Novartis fined by the anticompetition authority in Italy, where prosecutors are also taking a look, and now French regulators say they are in the midst of a probe of their own.

Psi expands in Italy amid global push

Swiss CRO Psi is amping up its presence in Italy, the latest expansion for a clinical trial outfit looking to meet demand around the globe.

U.S. drugmakers Pfizer, J&J; top reputation ranks in Germany, Italy

A new survey analysis shows that patients in Germany and Italy are much less cynical about the pharmaceutical industry than U.S. patients are.

CPA report says growth of API use in BRIC countries exploding

Italy is the world's second largest producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), trailing only China. It holds nearly a 30% share in the U.S., still the largest market for branded and generic APIs.

TFS snags Italy's Dimensione Ricerca, targeting late-stage trials

Swedish CRO TFS International is buying up Dimensione Ricerca, an Italian contract researcher, aiming to expand its European capabilities for cross-continent, late-stage clinical trials.

Italy lifts ban on Novartis vaccines

The leader of the pack has come around on Novartis' flu vaccines. The company said authorities in Italy have lifted a ban on a number of Novartis vaccines there.

Switzerland, Canada clear Novartis flu vaccines after tests

Switzerland's suspension of Novartis flu vaccines Agrippal and Fluad was short-lived--and Canada's was even shorter. Both countries have lifted their bans on the immunizations, saying their own lab analyses, plus information from Novartis, confirmed their safety.