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Latest Headlines

Italy bans Novartis influenza vaccines

Italy banned the sale of Novartis influenza vaccines pending tests for possible side effects, and Switzerland took precautions too, Reuters reports. Initial reports show the ban followed discovery of white particles in the injections.

Earthquakes smack down Sorin Group Q2 revenue and profit

Italy's Sorin Group likely wants to put its 2012 second-quarter behind it as quickly as possible, after earthquakes ravaged both revenue and net profit. But the cardiac device giant still eked out a profit and some of its individual division gained sales.

Italian drug cuts threaten thousands of jobs, industry says

Pharma leaders are fighting big cuts on another European front: Italy. The industry association Farmaindustria, along with key labor unions, say drugmakers may slash thousands of jobs in the country, if the government goes ahead with planned cutbacks.

Italy sharpens up for another €1B in health cuts

Europe's cost-cutting mania continues. Now, the Italian government plans another $1 billion in reductions to spending on drugs and medical products, the Financial Times reports.

MMR and autism: Italy's courts get involved

An Italian health news website seems to have reported that an Italian court has ruled that an MMR vaccine caused autism in a child.

Roche cuts off Greek hospitals, weighs similar move in Spain

Roche has increased shipments of its drugs to Greek pharmacies. However, it's not shipping to some Greek hospitals that are behind--way behind--on their payments, which means some patients have to

Family owners eye bids for Italy's Rottapharm

On the heels of last week's news that family-owned Italian drugmaker Sigma Tau was up for sale, the family-owned Italian drugmaker Rottapharm|Madaus has hit the auction block, the Wall Street Journal

Philips, Siemens, Toshiba fined by Italian antitrust body

Italy's Antitrust Authority has hit Philips, Siemens and Toshiba Medical Systems with a combined $7.4 million fine over an alleged conspiracy to control the supply of certain medical devices to a

Italy's Sigma-Tau eyes sale of minority stake

Shopping for a drug-company stake? Almost half of Sigma-Tau may soon be available. A member of the Cavazza clan that owns the Italian drugmaker is looking at selling his 38 percent share, a move that

Italian drug studies trigger government price cuts

Italy is set to cut some drug prices, but it's not a deficit-reduction move. It's the outcome of a pay-for-performance program launched in 2007. Under that program, drugs would be studied in