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Latest Headlines

Astellas chops OSI, Perseid ops in global R&D restructuring

Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma is rolling out a major R&D restructuring effort, shuttering facilities at its OSI Pharmaceuticals and Perseid Therapeutics subsidiaries and cutting back its work at the Astellas Research Institute of America to focus solely on CNS diseases.

Astellas forecasts big sales growth as prostate drug catches hold

Japan's drugmakers aren't any more immune from generic competition than U.S. pharma companies are. Still the country's second- and third-largest drugmakers are predicting sales growth this year, even as low-cost copies drain away sales of their key products. New drugs are coming in to pick up the slack, the companies said.

inVentiv teams with Japanese CRO to tap growing market

InVentiv Health is betting on a big expansion in Japanese R&D, forming a strategic alliance with local CRO Bell Medical Solutions to offer lab services in the country.

Roche CEO says no need to buy out Japanese subsidiary Chugai

When it comes to its investment in Japan's Chugai Pharmaceutical, Roche CEO Severin Schwan says he likes things just the way they are

Japanese reimbursement cuts will crush interventional cardiology device prices

Bad news for the interventional cardiology business: Prices will likely drop significantly in Japan over the next 8 years, Millennium Research Group concludes. Blame reimbursement cuts, thanks to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

U.S. keeping rubella at bay as virus takes toll globally

The virtual elimination of rubella is one of the many great vaccine success stories. Since the last big outbreak in the mid-1960s, vaccinations have ended endemic rubella transmission in the U.S. But Japan is now feeling the effect of its poor inoculation record.

Japan's Asada Milling gets warning letter

FDA inspectors found a lot they didn't like about an API manufacturing plant in Japan, including dirty equipment, little ingredient testing and inconsistent practices for identifying lots. The problems at the plant provide an indication of why some Japanese companies have been looking to India as a growing source of APIs. 

ReSearch launches joint venture with Japanese CRO

ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services is teaming up with Japan's Asklep to kick off a joint venture targeting the country's growing biotech and medical device industries.

Olympus, Sony postpone joint medical device venture indefinitely

Sony and Olympus in Japan are putting off indefinitely their highly touted partnership to concoct new endoscopes and other medical devices. The delay stems from continued Chinese regulatory snafus.

Mitsubishi pushes into India with Neuland API deal

Mitsubishi has been building up its pharmaceutical business and is expanding it further with a new deal to partner up with an API producer in India.