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Latest Headlines

Scratching a genetic itch in atopic dermatitis

Japanese researchers have found 8 gene loci (locations of genes or stretches of DNA) that are linked to an increased risk of atopic dermatitis, a form of allergic eczema.

Takeda continues buying spree, picks up LigoCyte

Having made a series of large acquisitions that significantly broadened its reach, Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical today announced a $60 million plus deal that seems to be filling in around the edges.

Japan OKs Novo Nordisk's long-acting insulin Tresiba

While it is still waiting on a decision from the FDA, Denmark's Novo Nordisk ($NVO) has gotten got Japanese approval for its long-acting insulin Tresiba, a drug that could possibly rival Sanofi's ($SNY) blockbuster Lantus.

Given Imaging soars after filing for Japanese approval

Israel's Given Imaging is seeking Japanese approval for its PillCam Colon 2 endoscopic capsule, and the company's stock surged from its August three-year low after the announcement.

Japan scientists patent multi-use 'tooth patch' coating

Researchers in Japan have developed a multi-use "tooth patch"--a microscopic coating envisioned to prevent tooth decay, but also serve as a whitener and a way to reduce teeth sensitivity.

Novartis eyes Japan for potential new use for Lucentis

Novartis ($NVS), whose blockbuster eye drug Lucentis has been fighting a price war with off-label use of Avastin, has data supporting a new indication for the drug and will take that with an application to Japan, a market Big Pharma is finding many ways to love.

Japan may be key to further propelling Resolute stent sales

Medtronic ($MDT) is counting on Japan to help generate further sales growth for its Resolute Integrity drug-eluting stent, now that regulators have approved it for sale there.

Pfizer, Mylan plan joint attack on Japanese generics market

These days, Big Pharma loves Japan. And Big Pharma has a crush on branded generics. So what's not to like about branded generics in Japan? Pfizer ($PFE) and Mylan ($MYL), for two, are expressing their affection with a deal to make and sell 350 off-patent drugs there.

Given Imaging targets U.S., Japan PillCam reg submissions for Q4

Given Imaging ($GIVN) told investors this week that it will file two big regulatory submissions in the U.S. and Japan in the fourth quarter covering different iterations of its PillCam capsule used for GI procedures.

Fuji buys DKSH Thailand plant for $53M

With the $53 million sale of its plant in Thailand, DKSH can gracefully exit the drug manufacturing business and buyer Fuji Pharma can establish a presence in that country.