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Latest Headlines

Now focused on integrating Allergan generics, Teva eyes 'much larger' specialty buy in 2017

SAN FRANCISCO-- After watching months of pharma's M&A; wave from the sidelines, Teva finally made a splash this summer with an agreement to pick up Allergan's generics business. And it may not be finished in the dealmaking arena.

Merck buys out IOmet, adding new immuno-oncology tech

Merck has snagged Edinburgh-based IOmet for an undisclosed sum, adding a preclinical pipeline of therapies that target the IDO/TDO pathways that may help spur an immune system attack on cancer.

U.S. med tech venture investment wanes--even as venture-backed M&A; holds strong

Venture capital investment in the U.S. jumped to $59 billion last year--almost twice what it was a scant 5 years ago, according to the latest annual healthcare report from Silicon Valley Bank. But medical devices are capturing an ever-shrinking portion of all that largesse for innovation--down to a mere 4% of that VC total for last year or $2.4 billion, which is roughly right where it was in 2014.

Single-minded Shire finally pins down Baxalta with $32B deal

The new year has its first megadeal agreement, thanks to Shire and Baxalta. On Monday, the two finally announced a $32 billion tie-up after a months-long pursuit by the Dublin drugmaker.

Juno buys into sequencing; Moderna cozies up to Big Pharma; and more from #JPM16

In the requisite flood of dealmaking that marks day one of San Francisco's annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, high-profile biotechs Juno Therapeutics and Moderna Therapeutics widened their R&D; operations, while some smaller players signed deals and roped in cash to keep their projects moving.

UPDATED: Shire finally gets it done, bagging Baxalta in $32B buyout

It took a few months, but Shire has wrapped a $32 billion deal to acquire Baxalta, providing CEO Flemming Ornskov with the big merger that he has been promising investors.

The Bradner factor: Roche bags a BET inhibitor in $535M Tensha buyout

Last week, investors unveiled a $73 million startup complete with $750 million deal to pursue star Dana-Farber investigator Jay Bradner's preclinical work in developing protein degraders to fight cancer. Today, Roche is coming back to grab Tensha Therapeutics--a virtual biotech in the HealthCare Ventures stable that has an early-stage clinical program underway for Bradner's BET (bromodomain) inhibitor--in a $535 million buyout.

Wait for it--Shire could finally announce $32.5B Baxalta deal by Monday

Could Shire's months-long pursuit of Baxalta finally be coming to a close? That's the word from  Reuters, which says the Dublin drugmaker is preparing to announce its acquisition--valued at about $32.5 billion--as early as Monday. 

What's holding up the Shire-Baxalta deal? One word: Taxes

Shire and Baxalta both reportedly want to make a tie-up happen. So what's taking so long? According to the  Financial Times, the potential deal now hinges on Shire's ability to put cash in the mix without triggering a hefty tax bill. And the Dublin drugmaker won't be proceeding until it's "highly confident" in the advice it receives, the newspaper's sources say.

Charles River spends $585M on WIL Research amid a buyout spree

Charles River Laboratories extended its run of acquisitions with a $585 million buyout of WIL Research, picking up a company the CRO said will expand its global footprint and bolster its manufacturing capabilities.