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Prostate cancer vaccine teams up with antibody

Sometimes, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and this can be true for cancer therapies as well. Researchers are hoping that combining Prostvac, the investigational therapeutic cancer...

Adding MEK drug to Zelboraf could stymie secondary cancers

When Roche 's melanoma drug Zelboraf won the FDA nod in August, it became the first therapy for the disease targeted at patients with a particular genetic abnormality. Scientists now have found

Roche melanoma drug wins early FDA nod

The FDA came through with an early approval for Roche's new melanoma drug Zelboraf and the diagnostic test that targets it. The drug works on patients with a BRAF mutation, which amounts to about

Yervoy may face Roche rival sooner than expected

Roche's new melanoma treatment, dubbed Zelboraf, may get an early entry into the market. Sources tell Reuters the experimental drug could be approved as early as next week, months ahead of schedule.

Yervoy hits the market with $95M bang

Market watchers expected Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMY) new cancer drug to be big, but this fast? The company's second-quarter sales left Wall Street estimates in the dust and prompted an increase in

Orelli: BioSante melanoma deal could be better

Motley Fool's Brian Orelli weighed in on BioSante Pharmaceuticals' $100,000 upfront deal with the John P. Hussman Foundation for melanoma vaccine development, saying he considered the deal less than

Metamark finds proteins that predict melanoma spread

Metamark Genetics made FierceBiomarkers' list of five prostate cancer diagnostics to watch, but the Cambridge, MA company recently reported progress in predicting whether early-stage primary melanoma

Exiqon, NYU partner on miRNA for melanoma biomarkers

Those who are diagnosed with metastatic melanoma have few options. Traditional chemotherapy usually does not cure it. So, here is where the study of biomarkers can really do some good. For starters,

Study: BMS drug works in untreated melanoma patients

Bristol-Myers Squibb's new melanoma drug got another data boost over the weekend. At the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, researchers presented a study showing the drug extended

ASCO spotlight on Yervoy, Zytiga and more

As the big ASCO meeting nears, melanoma drugs are set for a lot of attention, thanks to one newly approved treatment and a few others waiting in the wings. And so are prostate cancer treatments, for