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Latest Headlines

Experimental melanoma vaccine shows promise

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that an experimental melanoma vaccine called the gp100 peptide vaccine shrank skin tumors and slightly extended progression-free

Blood test could check if melanoma is likely to spread

Melanoma patients have a good chance of successful removal of the skin cancer if it is caught early enough, before metastasis. But the problem is that there is no clear consensus on how often

With $120K price tag, Yervoy hailed as potential blockbuster

Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMS) newly approved melanoma drug illustrates a few things about today's pharma industry. For instance, that Big Pharma can still manage to develop breakthrough new drugs,

Melanoma-seeking nanoparticle enters testing

Researchers are targeting melanoma with a nanoparticle that's been in development for more than 10 years. The nanoparticle is designed to not only hunt down cancer, but also to highlight its spread

C Dots approved for trials as imaging agent

The first human clinical trials of a cancer-imaging nanoparticle is set to begin after the FDA approved an investigational new drug (IND) application for C dots. The C is for Cornell, which developed

NanoSponges selectively soak up melanoma biomarker

Add another nano-prefixed word to the lexicon: NanoSponges. This one comes courtesy of an international team of researchers from the U.S. and Italy. They've come up with "sponges" that can sop up a

Why are Queenslanders getting skin cancer?

Residents of the state of Queensland in Australia have the highest rates of melanoma and skin cancer in the world. So, for a proportionate response, researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical

Team pits Markov chain modeling against melanoma

The modeling of gene regulatory networks as a Markov chain, with researchers monitoring chain behavior and making changes to achieve an outcome, may provide a means for cancer treatment development

MannKind starts Phase II melanoma vax trial

MannKind is best known in the industry for its ongoing attempts to win approval of it's inhaled insulin drug Afrezza. The developer is waiting for a final FDA decision on the drug later this year,

The roller coaster ride of melanoma drug development

This week, the New York Times is tracing the Phase I testing of a novel melanoma drug being developed by Plexxikon and Roche. The paper says to chronicle the three years of PLX4032 testing "is to