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Latest Headlines

Novartis vaccine recalled in U.K.

U.K. authorities have recalled a Novartis meningitis vaccine on fears that 21,000 doses might be contaminated with bacteria. The infant vaccine--sold under the brand name Menjugate--had been ordered

New meningitis vax may be ready in two years

Novartis Vaccines is reporting progress with a new meningitis B vaccine that could be on the market in two years. The company says the vaccine should be up for a license in Europe next year.

Vaccine proves widely effective against meningitis

Over the past eight years a vaccine that guards against pneumococcal meningitis has slashed the number of new cases posted for children under the age of two. In a new study published in the New

Novartis' MenB vaccine protects infants

A fresh batch of trial data indicates that the Novartis Meningitis B vaccine protects infants six months and older against multiple strains of potentially deadly meningococcal B bacteria. More than

Novartis touts mid-stage results for MenB

Novartis says that a mid-stage study of its MenB vaccine demonstrated broad protection from meningococcal B infections in infants. Researchers tracked positive results starting with three

Novartis reports strong meningitis vaccine response

In a head-to-head trial, researchers for Novartis say that the experimental meningitis vaccine Menveo produced a more potent immune response than the standard therapy in use. And other data has

Letters show Nigeria OK'd Pfizer trial

Pfizer is back at the negotiating table with the Nigerian state of Kano in an attempt to finally settle claims about a meningitis drug trial the government contends was conducted illegally. The

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> Nigeria's Kano state has ended settlement talks with Pfizer in the much-publicized case of a disputed meningitis drug trial; state officials also asked the country's federal government for help

Pfizer-Nigeria lawsuit talks fall apart

Irreconcilable differences? Settlement talks in the litigation over a meningitis drug trial have broken down, government attorneys said. "They don't seem to appreciate the enormity (of what) we

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> The Nigerian court hearing the case against Pfizer' meningitis drug trial has adjourned until December 20, in part because six U.S. defendants haven't yet been served.