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Latest Headlines

Merck hands top manufacturing job to Sanat Chattopadhyay

The man who helped lead Merck & Co. out of difficulties with a slew of vaccine manufacturing issues is taking the top manufacturing job at the Big Pharma company.

Sanofi, Merck to split up their long-standing vaccines JV in Europe

Sanofi Pasteur MSD, the European vaccines joint venture between pharma giants Sanofi and Merck, has been around for 22 years. But now, the pair has decided that's long enough.

Merck, Gilead wrestle in court over $3B-plus in hep C royalties

Merck & Co. isn't just battling Gilead Sciences for market share with its brand-new hepatitis C drug. It's also fighting in court for a multibillion-dollar piece of Gilead's blockbuster franchise.

Sanofi restructuring claims its JV for vaccines with Merck

Just weeks after Bloomberg reported that Sanofi's new CEO, Olivier Brandicourt, was mulling over the fate of its 20-year-old European joint vaccine development and commercialization venture with Merck, the two pharma giants have agreed to call it quits.

Big vials mean bigger revenue for cancer drugmakers, wasted billions for payers and patients

Pharma price hikes aren't alone in driving up drug costs. Pharma packaging is, too. That's the conclusion of a new study, which found that large cancer-drug vials are fueling $3 billion in waste every year.

Side-effects analysis gives Merck's new hep C med Zepatier an edge over older drugs

Merck & Co.'s hep C combo Zepatier has just hit the market, but the drug is already winning kudos for its side-effects profile. In a new analysis of clinical trial data, Zepatier turned up proportionally fewer serious side effects than Gilead Sciences' hep C combo treatment Harvoni and its veteran hep C med Sovaldi. Overall, Advera Health Analytics' report deemed Zepatier safer than Sovaldi and on par with Harvoni.

UPDATED: Zepatier beats Harvoni, Sovaldi in hep C clinical-data safety showdown: Advera Health Analytics

It's still early days for Merck's hep C combo Zepatier, but the drug is already emerging as a frontrunner in terms of safety. Zepatier turned up fewer serious side effects than Gilead Sciences' hep C combo treatment Harvoni and its veteran hep C med Sovaldi.

HPV rates dive following vaccine introduction, national study says

Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and public health officials in the United States have some big new numbers to tout to promote HPV vaccination. On Monday, a group of federal researchers said that since the introduction of Gardasil in 2006, HPV infection rates in teenage girls have fallen by nearly two-thirds.

Merck CEO Frazier: Pharma needs to justify price hikes

Merck knows price hikes. It's taken them yearly on some drugs--including powerhouse diabetes treatment Januvia. But CEO Kenneth Frazier also knows that with all the scrutiny surrounding the strategy, if his company wants to keep those hikes coming, it's going to have to justify them.

Hoping to jump-start Lixiana, Daiichi Sankyo taps Merck for European market assault

Daiichi Sankyo has been traveling a rocky road with its new-age anticoagulant Lixiana, but the company's load may be getting lighter. The Japanese pharma has tapped Merck to launch the drug in Europe, which could help Lixiana gain ground as it faces fierce rivalry from a trio of competitors.