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Walter Reed kicks off PhI trial of Inovio's MERS vaccine

Three months after teaming up with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Inovio and GeneOne are kicking off Phase I trials of its MERS vaccine. The biotechs joined forces with Walter Reed in November to conduct Phase I trials, citing the disease as an "emergent global health concern." MERS has killed nearly 600 and infected 1,650 people since it emerged in 2012.

European MERS vaccine effective in camels

South Korea's GeneOne Life Science and San Diego, CA-based Inovio teamed up to develop a vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which has infected 1,650 and killed nearly 600 since its emergence. The candidate has entered Phase I trials in the U.S., but a rising competitor, developed by European scientists, is hot on its trail.

GeneOne, Inovio's MERS vaccine enters PhI at Walter Reed

With an eye on an "emergent global health concern," GeneOne Life Science teamed up with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research this week to usher its vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) into a first-in-human trial at the institute.

Inovio's MERS vaccine could hit PhI before year's end

In the three years since Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) was discovered in Saudi Arabia, more than 1,500 cases of the disease have been reported and more than 600 people have died from MERS. This year's outbreak in South Korea infected 186 and killed 36. There is no vaccine for MERS, but Inovio's candidate could enter Phase I in the next couple of months.

Inovio's MERS vaccine shows 100% protection in mice, camels, monkeys

Since 2012, 1,118 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) have been reported in Saudi Arabia and 483 people have died, but there is no vaccine that might head off an outbreak. Among those working to bring a vaccine to market to prevent such an epidemic is Inovio, which announced on Wednesday that its MERS candidate induced 100% protection from a live virus challenge in mice, camels and monkeys.

NIH's MERS vaccine looks promising in mice

Investigators at the NIH have developed a new MERS vaccine that looks promising in mice. Focusing on the structure of a viral protein that the MERS virus uses to enter cells, the researchers developed a two-step, prime-boost process.

NIH successfully completes animal studies for new MERS vaccine

Zeroing in on the structure of a viral protein that Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) uses to enter and infect cells, a group of investigators at the NIH say they have developed a new vaccine that has proven promising in animal studies.

Health officials detail need for $2B vaccines fund

In an effort to bridge the financial gap between early stage drug discovery work and late stage development, health officials this week called for the formation of a $2 billion fund to aid vaccine research against deadly diseases such as Ebola, MERS and West Nile virus. 

MERS getting more attention as vaccine candidate enters PhI

As the MERS outbreak in South Korea continues to unfold, scientists at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich are ushering a candidate vaccine into clinical trials with hopes of a winner.

S. Korea sees extra $9B in spending to handle MERS outbreak

South Korea has set out plans to spend an additional KRW10 trillion ($9 billion) to manage the outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome that has afflicted 179 and caused 27 deaths since May, news reports said.
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