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Latest Headlines

Syros Pharma snags $30M funding deal to target master switches of cancer genes

With licenses to breaking discoveries from labs affiliated with MIT and Harvard, Syros Pharmaceuticals has raised $30 million in a Series A round of financing from top venture firms.

GlaxoSmithKline stakes a pioneering effort to launch 'electroceutical' R&D

GlaxoSmithKline's top scientists have staked out a pioneering role in an incipient field in the drug discovery world, rolling out a slate of new initiatives designed to sound the starting gun in a long-running effort to develop new therapeutics that can fight disease by targeting the electrical signals that harmonize human biology.

Salt may be risk factor for MS, other autoimmune diseases

Scientists from some of the country's leading research institutions think they've found a trigger for autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, which have been increasing in frequency over the past few decades.

BIND Biosciences strives for 'revolutionary' nanomedicine

When it comes to drug delivery, it's hard these days to overlook the buzzing field of nanoengineering. Highly targeted nanoparticles are on the cutting edge of the growing field, and according to BIND Biosciences' Jeff Hrkach, there are big things in store for the tiny drug carriers.

Sanofi's Genzyme looking hard at continuous manufacturing

Genzyme, the biotech subsidiary of Sanofi, is experimenting with continuous processing, a new manufacturing approach that potentially can shave time, space and equipment costs by eliminating the batch approach to production.

MIT explores DNA vaccine delivery

Most vaccines consist of an inactivated virus to train the immune system to attack an invader. But such a system poses risks patients, especially when it comes to HIV. Like many vaccine researchers, those at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are exploring alternative DNA vaccines.

DNA vaccine tattoo triggers HIV immune response

Using a DNA vaccine could one day be as easy as applying a temporary tattoo, according to U.S. research published in Nature Materials .

UPDATED: MIT researchers deliver to cells with a squeeze

Getting drugs across the cell membrane is one of the fundamental obstacles facing drug delivery specialists, and researchers at MIT are working on a way to introduce compounds without the use of vectors such as viruses or proteins--they're squeezing the cells, forcing them to open up.

JPM: T2 readies pivotal trial for Candida assay

T2 Biosystems will launch a pivotal trial for the company's rapid diagnostic assay for Candida infections by early February.

MIT's nanoparticles make cancer biomarkers more visible

Researchers at MIT have found a nanoparticle solution that can ramp up biomarker production and make cancer diagnostics a little easier
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